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GTR2 vs RACE Series

Discussion in 'GTR 2' started by Neil Gault, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. After last nights great reintroduction of GTR2 it made me wonder why simbin made such a step backwards with the GTR series. We should of had GTR3 and not Devolution :sarcastic:
    They had the opportunity to take this great GT series to the next stage and give us the sim that we all craved, but instead they decided to incorporate the GT class of cars into a touring car sim and thus what i see as a massive step backwards. I am not saying that the race07 series is bad, it was and still is a step forward in a lot of respects, but in others it was a compromise by simbin which i feel robbed us GT lovers of some great features.

    What did we gain:
    working windscreen wipers
    better pit options
    cleaner graphics
    better collision detection
    better gui
    better damage effects

    What did we loose:
    Porsche & Ferrari
    Working headlights (so no night racing)
    Proper tyre choice (soft, medium, hard plus wet & intermediate)
    Ability to restart race
    Better feel to the cars.

    (probably missed loads of points but those above are just what spring to mind first)

    The biggest crime i think was tailoring the GT cars to the shorter touring cars race distances, hence the basic tyre choice and the loss of pit strategy.
    In GTR2 the cars are all balanced for the 180 minute race distance in mind with tyres, engine, fuel capacity and consumption to suit. So with a 90 minute race and 2x fuel and tyres you could at least try and emulate the real thing, but in race07 (raceOn or whatever you are calling it now) this time/distance was reduced to 25 minutes.
    In GTR2 you could have better mixed class races where the slower NGT cars could go longer and further without pitting so could gain some time back on the faster GT cars but in race07 it is the opposite in that the faster pro cars can now go the longest between stops so mixed class races now become bit of a waste of time as they are not nearly as interesting.

    Rant over for now :shut-mouth: and hopefully looking forward to some great GTR2 races :bye:
  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I really miss the transition from day/night in Evo. And in the beginning when RACE came out i really fancied the touring cars and the entire game.

    Now having played GTR2 more lately on a high end pc i can only say: wow! It's better then the RACE Series in many ways.

    What i enjoy the most is that you are on track in around three clicks! In RACE i have to click 20 million buttons and navigate myself through the game like a being a TomTom navigation system :)

    In my opinion RACE is only superior on one thing: car physics! As the cars in GTR2 feel too twitchy/light/fake compared to the handling (+FFB) in RACE.

    I would say take the best of both games and give it another shot in GTR3!
  3. I dunno but I find GTR2 more satisfying and challenging.
    I like some of the cars RACE has but overall GTR2 is a much better sim to me.
  4. I have to disagree with Neil about gui being better in GTRE. It's just so awful...every little thing has it's own page and when you load a setup... "setup loaded" - and you even have to click to get rid of that message.. soo awful.

    I like the GTR2 feel of the cars so much more. GTRE cars are way easier to drive too and they all feel really heavy compared to GTR2. GTR2 also looks better imo.

    I could personally live without any of the improvements made to GTRE if they would have just kept the good from GTR2 and added something...but no.
  5. 100% Agree with everything Bram said!
  6. yes in some respects it is awkward sometimes, but the big improvement is in the controller setup where it is easier for the novice to adjust different settings where in the standard gtr2 menu this was just missing altogether :)
  7. I agree with Bram after playing GTR2 again. It's car physics just let me down to play GTR2 much.

    Further I think it would've been better iof Simbin just made add-ons for GTR2. All the Race content into GTR2.. And FFB stuff as well.

    I thinkk the wipers can be possible in GTR2 as well.
  8. I dont know but last night i did 58 (29 with porche and 29 with bmw)laps (day to night)on Atlanta07 with the eSR.BMW.CSL.Cup.v2.01 and the eSR.Porsche.911.Turbo.Cup.LE.v1.02 mixed on a grid of 35 , i have to say it was an absolute blast, running everything maxed, the graphics look better in gtr2 and the handling left at the default game settings for a g25 feels realistic to me (never driven either of these or any other race car)
    came in 34th and 30th (ai at 100%)but then that i kept the cars on the track most of the time was an achievement in itself .
    id uninstall the rest of the mods i have in for gtr2 and just have the 2 above
    read on another site that someone is going doing a dtm 1991 mod for gtr2 ,really looking forward to that.
    any opinion on what mod has the best Corvette C6R for sounds visuals(interior) and handling
  9. I'm sure Simbin wanted to make GTR3 - indeed they were making GTR3 for X-Box 360 - but Porsche, Ferrari and probably Maserati pulled out of the FIA GT lincense. This made their FIA GT license virtually worthless and GTR for XBox360 had to be scrapped well into its development.

    A major reason this hasn't happened is GTR2 is owned by the publisher, 10Tacle, but Simbin and 10Tacle split after GTR2. Simbin can't use GTR2 as a base because they don't own it.

    Few people understand the role of the publisher in game development, but the publisher's role is key. They commission game development, they agree the games specification, they pay the developer to produce the game and they own the game when its finished. They decide if it gets patched or not, and they pay the developer to patch it.

    The other reason is Steam. Steam is the perfect platform for add-ons. Its why Simbin now do add-ons when they never did before they used Steam. When Simbin sell an add-on through Steam for £15 or £18, they get most of that money. With a boxed game like GTR2 Simbin won't see half the retail price. So expansions are not so viable. Indeed, although the Simbin steam titles are available in boxed format, the expansion is not available in boxed format in most countries because its not viable to sell it.
  10. you've got to remember, the GTR Series (GTR, GTR2) is for GT Racing, The Race series is for Touring Car racing. most of those features, the night races, headlights + ferarri cars you dont see in Touring Car racing. Personally they shouldn't have released evo , or released it as GTR3 or an addon to GTR2. Also about the license, Ferarri, porsche etc. can be included but only if it was part of the official championship, i.e. with the rest of the FIA GT teams and tracks. anything else (i.e. a random group of semi-official GT-type cars, like in EVO), isnt covered by the FIA GT license and Ferarri etc can say no.
  11. Hi there guys. Been awhile since I've been around the RD forums and just ran across this. I thought I'd go ahead and give a late post.

    The site I do most my racing at generally only runs GTR2 but we have tried several seasons of GTR-e. It was interesting how quickly the interest died out. A season starting with 25 drivers would usually finish barely in the double digits--this is strange for us. Maybe we are just much more used to the GTR2 platform.

    But I can tell you personally that it didn't take too long for me to really dislike the "feel" of RaceOn. I could live with the annoying garage screens, lack of night racing, tire choice, etc. But that little lack of feel through the corners became a bigger and bigger issue for me, to the point where I can hardly drive it.

    Now, I had the opportunity to run a few F3000 races here in the league you guys had last year. the physics didn't seem quite as bad in those cars, but certainly not good enough to get off GTR2.

    The other reason I wanted to post was that I saw in another forum you run a bit of GTR2 and would love to help support RD and what you guys do here. Seems to me wonderful and supportive site for the Sim enthusiast--regardless of which game they like best.
  12. I find it really funny. that i have most of the sim games and yet i still think that gtr2 is the best of the lot. ok yeah so it does not look the best and no wipers for the rain and stuff . but overal i still think it is the best all round game of the lot i did not play it for some time now i find it hard to turn it off lol. cant wait to see what simbin are going to do with gtr3 please give us some more screen shots :pray:
  13. Totally agree. GTR3 is gonna be one hell of a blast, for sure!
  14. Please ignore - my mistake :)
  15. I had GTR 2 a whilst back before turning to Race 07 as im a big fan of the Touring car series.
    After joing RD i picked up GTR 2 again today for £4 from CEX!! I still think thats excellent value for money, even tho its 4 years old :)
    Now i can get involved in some GTR2 events!!

    Looking forward to giving it a go again
  16. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Cex is a gold mine for the oldies :)

    If they don't have something in store check the website, free delivery, minimum order £2 :)
  17. yeah cex is cool my gtr2 for £5 and gtr1 for £1.50 now that is cheap:cool:
  18. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    See you tonight on the track :thumb: