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GTR2 Rankings

Discussion in 'GTR 2' started by Neil Gault, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. From now on all GTR2 races will also be included in the RD rankings.
  2. Oh dear this is disappointing news. I do hope the driving stays as fair as before.
  3. well so far we have been lucky with the quality of drivers that GTR2 attracts but if we find it does deteriorate then we can always switch it off.
  4. I would like to stick up for GTR2 here. I ran the GTR2 events at RD for a good time and after 35 events I only had one pm sent to me about a race and that was one of the last events I did and that was a new member. the ranking does not make members drive like silly boys and girls they do that because they don't want to lose. but I would have to say in all the time I have been on RD no matter what 99% of the members are clean. also Neil Gault is an awesome member and is the best man for doing GTR2 so you wont get any funny business.
  5. Really ? Since this post i found no any result from GTR2 in the ranking.
  6. still waiting for the log file from last weeks race, and the one for last night was only sent this morning so keep yer hair on m8 :wink: