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GTR2 / GTR EVO editing problems.

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by legendsatlunch, Jan 3, 2010.

  1. Hey guys, I have been doing a lot of GTR EVO stuff since I got the game,
    ( 12 tracks over so far in game) 25 projects.......

    The problem I'm having is long winded but has me stumped. :confused:

    If I edit the .trk fike or .gdb. My track dissapears from EVO, ( won't load ).

    I have made sure both my Gtr2 and EVO versions are identical and create a new hat after changing details in both games. even if I only change the location ( Sydney, Australia ) it won't load...

    Does any one else have this problem or am I doing something wrong, :redface:

    Thanks :)
  2. you need PSPad-Editor (Freeware) for editing the gdb.

    works fine for me.

    Regards Peter
  3. Couple of questions here......

    Legendsatlunch - are any of your creations available anywhere for download??? Doesnt seem to be many tracks being released for EVO - most are still being released for GTR2/rfactor

    Peter K. do you have a llink for one of these PSPAD-editors??? I'm sure i'll find it useful when i get around to finalising my current project... still a BTBEVO novice (and i mean novice) learning things as i go though.... which I quickly forget - :->

    Cheers in advance guys
  4. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

  5. This is a Link, you just need to doubleclick on(now coloured) the name. ;-)

    I have created 7 tracks(i´m also a novice) last year. My english is very bad, so i just released them on the German Racerspage http://www.weissbierbude.de/. Tracks from me are "Val De Vienne - Shanghai Tianma - Sentul - Olavarria - Thunderhill Raceway Park - Buttonwillow Raceway Park - Carolina Motorsportspark". Olavarria and Buttonwillow has multible layouts. First track for this year is also finished and will released soon.

    Here some youtube links
    Val De Vienne



    Buttonwillow RP & Carolina MP

    Morgan Park

    So you can see, just novice tracks. ;-)

    Regards Peter
  6. @ Peter K, Thanks for the link to the editor. I have it but haven't had a chance to try it yet....

    Note pad does work just as good, but the features enabled in this are excellent! Is it easy to get it to compare files.......

    And also your tracks are excellent!.....

    Most of my stuff is available at no-grip, I think I have 2 or 3 up for evo with another 3 close to release.
    I'm also doing a version of Clermont for Gtr EVO... But I'm having some export troubles now...

    It was working fine, then I got a building spurt and did all the cambers, 74 road surfaces, a few more fences, sorted all the shadows added a few more objects etc...... and now she won't load........ Though I have it working now in Rfactor. So hopefully soonish...