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Gtr2....a few questions

Discussion in 'GTR 2' started by kamackeris, Oct 29, 2015.

  1. kamackeris


    Hey guys. I downloaded this again as I wanted the power and the glory mod as it sounds great. However despite my system being damn good the mod did not run very well.

    So I thought I would try gtr2 again as back in the day I didn't give it the play time it really deserved it seems. But on loading the game and looking through the cars I noticed some cars are just grey models with no actual detail at all.... What am I doing wrong? I have the Steam version now as I couldn't find my disc anywhere

    Also are there mods to get this game looking a bit more updated in the graphics department?

    Also can anyone recommend me some wheel settings for my T300RS?

    Are there any other mods I simply should get? Ai mods or anything like that?

  2. Unfortunately Ferrari and Porsche pulled out of the FIA GT license (the key reason there was never a GTR3) and this affected the steam version of GTR2 which has the Ferraris and Porsche's greyed out. I'm not sure how RD feels about posting the "fix" so please use Google to find how to get Ferrari and Porsche back in the steam version of GTR2.
  3. ouvert


    porsche and ferrari as writen above .. "how to get porsche back to GTR2" or simple "porsche back GTR2" will do the job ..
    in regards of FFB .. effects to low, strength to value that feels good .. unless you wanna play with config file and make it even better .. if you do, you can take a look here http://www.race2play.com/homepage/show_posts/7229 .. I made GTR Evo FFB one of best I`ve ever tried with that guide (different values but as explanation it is writen well)

    You could try GTR2 Reborn for better handeling and AI. There are mods for interiors, gloves, sky horizonts, even track textures .. just go through usual webs (mostly nogripracing)
    And if you are into good old cars go for Power&Glory mod .. new update should be out soon ..
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  4. kamackeris


    Thanks guys... I think I just found the fix on a comment on a emptybox gtr2 video. I won't say it here lol!

    Was gtr evo a later game then?

    Will try them ffb settings next week and the other suggestions. I hope I can get the game running better than I got the power and the glory working!
  5. ouvert


    yep, GTR Evo (2008) is expansion for Race07 (2007) .. with updated physics, fixed braking .. some like it better, some less .. it lost some things (night racing, saving mid race, driving school, endurance racing, animated pit crew, FIA licence .. ) but added others (weather, more diverse car classes, tracks, customisable seasons, LAN with AI, pitstop pressets, better AI, better tyre model, WTCC licence, best nonscanned Nordschleife, t ...)
    I like both .. both still worth the price if you don`t mind less impressive visual compared to todays standard
    for me it always was:
    GTR2 for endurance and Power&Glory
    GTR Evo with expansions for AI racing (still better AI than most todays games)
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2015
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  6. kamackeris


    Ah right... I had race 07 on steam from back then before I took a pc hiatus. I still have it in my library uninstalled. Would you recommend getting the evo update now then? Do you reckon the ai is better than rf2 for example?
  7. ouvert


    Nope that would make it probably best AI out there :) .. which is not , iI think rf2, gsc in most cases, and maybe r3e are better... But that comes down to your driving style, speed and way you treat AI.
    Some people are claiming that on 85% AI in pCars works fine, but for me on 98-100% it is pretty inconsistent and bad.. So me saying that GTR Evos AI on 95-100% when I'm treating AI like humans is good might not be what you will experience :)

    If it is worth trying? If you have time .. It is not that big to download and you can always get rid of it.
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2015
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  8. I run everything on the highest settings and still get between 200 - 300fps, this game is amazing, you can get just about any car or track. Everything in the game is 100% moddable I love it.
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  9. AI in GTR 2 is first class, you can adjust their aggression.

    Also everything in this game is moddable, which I love, I had the Torana GTR XU1 custom download and it was really unstable at speed, it wandered all over the track and if you lifted your foot off the gas it went out of control, I changed the tires, also the suspension and it handles "like" the real thing or what I think it should be like now. Never driven the XU1 but drove a GTR and it handled fine at speed.
  10. Any great F1 mods for it? Any year post 1991 would be nice.

  11. ouvert


    if you`ll be trying GTR Evo(race 07) don`t miss Makcorps F1 07 and 1994/1995 CART Indycar .. best openwheeler experience you can have on that platform .. better than original content in my opinion