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GTR Evolution, Race 07, STCC. and im confused

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by David Mansfield, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. Ok, sorry to be asking what i think is a stupid question but im lost as to what the difference is.

    I have GTR Evolution, bought as the DVD wich includes Race07.
    I have the touring cars wich i believe is the original race07,
    some caterhams that is a addon i think?
    and the GT cars and nordschelfieifiefieifefef track wich is the GTR Evo part.

    What is STCC? is this another addon that i can get, or a different game?

    Just asking because i keep seeing STCC mentioned and one of the club races seems to list the cars i have but says you would need STCC to play.

    Thanks in advance for spending time reading the ramblings of a mad man.
  2. allo mate...

    race 07 is/was the base game - this came with most of the cars you already see (wtcc, mini, f3000, caterham, rads) and nearly all of the tracks...

    gtr evolution was an expansion pack released a coupla months ago... that brought all the gt cars and the various versions of the nords....

    stcc is another expansion pack released a coupla weeks back... this brought all the swedish wtcc cars, the camaro and the swedish tracks to the game....

    so you've already got most of the content - you just need to pick up the stcc expansion from steam if you're feeling saucy....
  3. Phew thanks andrew, my brain was hurting.

    I thought GTR evo was super new just released, didnt realised they were so quick to bang out another add-on!
    Thought maybee it was Race07 for sweeden only :laugh2:

    guess im off to spend some more money then.
  4. I was thinking of getting STCC addon. But I only just got GTR Evo and I want to get a wheel too.

    Getting DFP and then will get the "Project Toad" addon.
  5. I've read more about project TOAD. What is it exactly? Could not really find it in the TOAD topic..
  6. No one knows, SimBin have said there will be more Evo expansion packs. So we can guess TOAD is that expansion pack.
    Exactly what it is, no one knows apart from SimBin.

    If you like touring cars then get the STCC, nice new cars and some fantastic tracks. Otherwise you could probably take it or leave it, unless you're an absolute Camaro fan
  7. What I also find 'strange' Spa-Francochamps is not in the tracklist? This track is being used in the WTCC right? Or otherwise it is one of the most known tracks in the world. Why is it not in the game?
  8. it wasn't part of the 2007 or 2006 season. Last time was 2005 and there was no race 2005 game.