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GTR-E F1 Beta Test @ Magny-Cours

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Mark Birney, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. Racedepartment.com F1 Beta Test @ Magny-Cours

    Race 1:
    Ben Tusting took pole, using his experience from racing the mod in rFactor to get a 1:10.8. Unfortunately, technical issues would mean Race 1 would start without the Englishman on Pole. The front runners had relatively good starts, Hannu Karesola lost ground to Mark Birney, Aritan Maia and Nico Major who fought their way throughout the lap. Aritan Maia spun half way round the lap, handing Mark Birney second place. Niklas Vesterinen charged through the field and caught up, but he didn't manage to get into a position to pass, and had a small spin. Nico Major had the lead, but for how long? Mark Birney lost the rear end in the 5th to last corner, handing Niklas 2nd places, giving him the initiative to catch Nico and win the race. Now Mark was in a battle with Peter Duivelaar. They touched wheels and went off at the fast chicane, but raced on. Suspension damage did not help Mark's race, who came home 6th. Peter would finish 5th.
    Further down the field, Jan Wikstrom who suffered a bad start due to technical issues and suffered 2 spins kept it steady for most of the race before finishing 7th. Aritan Maia after suffering his unfortunate spin found himself in 8th, but carved through the field to finish 3rd. Joao Andias found himself running 6th, then lost the car damaging his car beyond repair. Wesley Hartog suffered a bad start. Later in the race he lost control and took suspension damage. He pitted, and used the rest of the race to get experience in the car.
    Finally, Martin Bulgin realised he did not have enough fuel to race and decided to start from the pitlane, but stewards withdrew the car as the rules no not allow cars to start a race from the pitlane.


    Race 2:
    Many had a good start, except Jan Wikstrom who once again suffered a technical glitch and rolled home 10th, and Yuri Brabham who managed to hold the car under wheelspin before suffering many mistakes to finish 5th. Mark Birney nearly took the lead before he was bumped off the track and rammed to suffer a bent axle, and finished way down in 15th. Wesley Hartog was investigated, but cleared as he claimed he did now know where the car was at the time. He had done well to move from 9th to 3rd, until he lost his rear wing in a freak accident where he left the ground.
    Further down, Joao Andias played the consistency game and kept it cool to 6th. Martin Bulgin battled with the Spyker of Jan Wikstrom before they collided. He was eventually rear ended by the leader of the race and was forced to retired. Patrick Van Driel was a big surprise this race, he had managed to heroically climb from 16th to 3rd! Nico Major was involved with a T1 incident forcing him to pit. He spent the rest of the race familiarising himself with the car. Finally, Aritan Maia was bumped in T1 and collided with Nico Major by accident. Later, he was rear-ended and retired.

    Mark Birney

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  2. Thank you Mark!!! cool video!!
  3. hehe real nice Birney! :good:
  4. Yeah ,Great !!:good:
  5. Thanks :)

    Adobe Premiere is tricky to get used to though :(
  6. This is only one race and it's already looking great. I can't wait to the start of the League and we have 2 Leagues now so double the fun and double the movies. :wink2:
  7. awesome mate! good coverage:victory:
  8. Nice review!:) But somehow vimeo doesn't want to work for me:(
  9. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

    Great Review Great Video! ... Looks like a great mod :nod:
  10. Great video!!!!
  11. Finally it worked for me!:) Great video!
  12. Great review incl video.

    Lol now you know why the Toyota team name is Flying dutchmen's :)
  13. Good video!!!! Wonder what next race brings....
  14. Next race at Mugello is definately gonna be great. The track is F1 through and through. Fast corners with some blind crests... It'll be a blast...

    Thanks for the feedback guys :)
  15. Nice job!
  16. Hi, all: Where can i download this awsome mod? It is 2007 f1 mod, right? Thanks.
  17. Nice video of Server 1, but what about our group over on server 2? Are we chopped liver or something? LOL

  18. Luis, it is currently beta and not yet released.
  19. How do you get that mod. I have been looking everywhere for it. I am a reserve driver but i still need to download the mod so i can practice with it and race it.
  20. Ask your teamleader. :)