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GTR and conflicts with other processes

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Kennett Ylitalo, May 16, 2009.

  1. I figure that maybe we should gather some information about programs/processes that conflict with GTR series. I heard today over teamspeak that even that is causing problems to some running them simultaneously. I know that most of these problems are hardware-related and so will work on some setups and causing problems the next. But here's is my two-cents and what i've noticed to cause problems whether it is minidump or just to make GTR minimize.

    MSN Messenger, minimizes GTR:

    After the last update of Windows Live Messsenger there came two new processes running in the background: Seaport.exe and wlcomm.exe. The first was pretty easy to deal with (simply remove it from startup list) but the latter is a nuisance. It is run every time you start Live Messenger and somehow it is causing the GTR to minimize at intervals of 10 minutes. If you shutdown the messenger the wlcomm.exe stays in the memory ( as does msnmsgr.exe but that doesn't cause anything, it just hogs memory). Also because my system is barely coping with GTR demands, i notice every little hickup and msn messenger is checking it self every second.. So shut it down if in doubt (and remove wlcomm.exe from the process list with ctrl-alt-del -> processes -> end process)

    AVIRA AntiVir, Minimizes GTR:

    That is a real problem as you don't have the control over when it decide to update itself, at least in the free version. I did manage to get a one solution as it was depending WHEN you install it. So i waited till 4 (am), instaaled it and it updated itself after that every night at 4 (am). Until.. it started to do the update at 19:30 (8:30PM) for no reason.. That was not good:laugh2: I stopped using it and switched to BitDefender cause it has a dedicated Game Mode that (almost) removes updates and file checkings while playing. Game Mode is not on the free package but i decided to buy it just for that function. If you use Avira then you can do the update manually and i noticed that you should do it ½-1 hour prior to the scheduled event (when you want to race interrupted) and thus avoid the update nuisance. BitDef is not foolproof but it has not interrupted my gaming so far.. All i have to do is to check prior to gaming that there are no iexplore.exe in the process-list, as this is usually the BitDef update running in background..

    Windows Update, Minimizes GTR:

    Another one that you have NO control over if you leave it Automated. Unfortunately Windows often looks that while you are playing some game the Windows is running idle. Then it decides that now is a good time to Update itself. Same goes to unfragmentation and such. No real solution except to take all those scheduled tasks off. When you update you have to do it your self, unfragmentate when needed an so on. I've come to across situations when i've with 100% certainty have turn those off and they still keep coming back. As i type this i can't remember what did i do to avoid those alltogether but will fill in the blanks, or someone else will ...

    Custom Skins, MiniDump:

    The helmet and/or driving suits will cause a minidump when loaded in the preview screen. This has already been noted in one of the previous posts. So learn to use search function now..:laugh2:
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  2. Looks like you never worked out how to set Avira for updates :)
    You need to enter the admin section/scheduler then set it for whatever time of day you want and how often you want it, after that no problems. Or you could of bought the full avira security suite which also includes a game mode :wink2:

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  3. Avira shouldn't be a problem anymore, if you try this.


    -the blocking of that Pop-Up is against the avira EULA, if you are not in germany that may make it illegal altering these settings
    -you can also use the gpc-editor in Vista Ultimate/Business in an equal way then WinXP Pro (makes a permanent change, the simple Read/execute settings on the "avnotify.exe" have to aplly with any major core-update).

    I use the "automatic-download but install when/what you want" setting, so i am avoid the naggin messages (the download itself should be silent only with a tray-message which doesn't interrupt the fullscreen apps) about a system restart schedule.

  4. Hmm, i've not seen that administrate function in Avira in years.. I'm pretty sure of that as i checked every possible screen/option to find it. It was there once but when i installed a fresh windows less than a year ago (with new version of Avira) it was gone.. Could be that i just missed it, can't check it now as i have already moved on to BD.. which has its own quirks.

    About that Windows update: I REALLY don't want it to start downloading ANYTHING when i'm gaming. It isn't a problem usually as it is very light (in terms of CPU load/bandwidth) but it has caused a momentary lag when it starts to make the contact to Windows server... when you're flying over paddocks bend a smallest of lags can throw you to the wall..

    EDIT: It seems after a little search on the interweb that the administrate option in Avira is still there.. Feel so stupid now but i still can't believe that i missed it.. I have used Avira for ages and the scheduler is a familiar friend.. I have to install it again and see for my self before i believe it's still there..
  5. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Choose the option in windows update settings to check for updates but download/install when you choose.
  6. Thanks but no thanks.. The less Windows has control the better.. It has become a common practice with other PC:s and laptops as i use them during live-shows (for ex in theaters) and there can not be any hickups. Even a 1ms pause during playback is noticed and a BIG no-no.. I could get fired cause of it! I have no antivirs of anykind in those situations, nothing else but bare windows and the dedicated software. I think that gaming should be handled the same way with a single lag/fps-drop being a catastrophic event..