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GT5 track maker?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by dc67, Nov 20, 2010.

  1. Not sure what it implies still,do you.Could this be epic?
  2. It's not the most in depth look at the track maker, but gives some idea of it's potential....


    Just don't be expecting a full blown track creator like folks use to churn out circuits for rFactor, GTR2, GT Legends etc. etc. It does appear to have its limitations, but gives the possibility to be racing on hundreds of additional user created tracks, which can't be a bad thing.
  3. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    How are you going to store all those user created tracks?
  4. On the internal HDD I'd assume. No idea if you can upload them or anything like that.
  5. I think the idea is that any user created tracks can be uploaded to some form of GT5 track server, where the online community will be able to download any of the tracks that have been made, so they can be raced on.

    I guess they will be 'locked down' so folks aren't downloading a track and then going in and editing it, lol.
  6. I wonder if we will be able to race these tracks online? hope so :)
  7. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    That would be really nice indeed. Finally a developer that adds such a feature to a game :thumb:
  8. Yeah, I just wish that it was more like BTB/ModNation Racers track editor, because it would be extremely unlikely for the editor to come up with an exact copy of, say, bathurst or Brands hatch. Mind you though, an advantage is that if you were to run out of ideas you can just put in a few random values and see what GT5 can come up with.
  9. you can use the same values and still have different tracks :p
  10. Is it descent?Is it ok? tell me what you think,please.
  11. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium

    It's a nice feature, but nothing too fantastic. Its not a proper track builder where you determine the exact layout or anything like that. It automatically generates tracks based on the settings you choose. You keep generating until you get a layout you like, then save it. Should add a good amount of value, though the generated tracks don't look anything like as good as the stock tracks.
  12. Agree with Ross.

    Whilst you can get some 'interesting' layouts once you have set your parameters and then keep getting the game to keep generating a layout based on your settings, you have no ultimate control over the elevation changes on the track and they just seem really bare and devoid of any atmosphere. Its an OK feature and I'm sure there will be some more than acceptable offerings made available that will work OK for online thrash-about's, but if you're expecting a detailed track creator, you need to look elsewhere.

    Kaz did say in an interview a while back how he loved the track creator in Mod Nation Racers, but with all the other stuff in GT5, there wasn't room to be implementing something as detailed for GT5. Maybe some modifications to the existing track designer will be seen in an upcoming download? Personally I doubt it.

    For me it rates as 6/10.
  13. I think they should patch the ability to make an oval or dragstrip type track with it, it would be very easy to achieve and would please a lot of people. I am so sad at not being able to test my cars at a 1/4mile or top speed test :(. The track maker itself does a good job though, the tracks are fun and interesting with lots of undulation and character.
  14. I personally think this track editor is very good, if there are more choices of location, it will be even better.
    The reason I used this feature is mostly to create some very nice looking and interesting local roads to take photos.
    I hope they can add something like the Davos, Stelvio, and Transfagarasan!