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GT5 too easy ??

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by msherriff, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. Someone want to tell me how I beat a F40 in Ford ST ?? Just not realistic no matter how souped up the ST is
  2. Ford Focus ST170?. If that was tuned up to the standards of the gymkhana rally cars then an F40 wouldnt even stand a chance, so it really depends, fully tuned cars are basicly racing cars at that point and if you can get enough power from the engine then sure its realistic. Though the AI never drives the cars to their limits, especially in the earlier stages of the game, so you can always get away with it.

    I fully tuned a 97' Honda Civic Type R (400bhp, 850kg ish) to race in the expert level japanese supercar contest, against the Nissan GT-R (Which is far faster than a Ferrari F40) among other fast jap cars, and i was able to win without much trouble, though my Nissan GT-R is a lot faster than my tuned civic. The Ai just drive slow, they brake too early into corners.
  3. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    Premium Member

    I hope it's addressed in a patch soon, because although I enjoy just cruising around tracks without pressure, I can already do that in practice mode. I'd like the career races to offer a bit more than that.
  4. ST was basic model with full upgrades apart from stage 3 engine and stage 3 turbo, AI is slow, can't belive my AI driver can't even win the sunday cup in it though ! I'm finding the Special events (Intermidiate) quite a challenge though, is there a point to doing the licences ?
  5. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    Premium Member

    Possibly because the car is way out of his league. The drivers you hire start with rubbish skills, so it would make sense that they can't handle uber cars. Mine has no issues driving a Golf with stage 1 upgrades and no turbo. He's won every race so far.
  6. Bless him :)
  7. My driver is crap, he wins some races but other times he just fails. The best example is the Lupo Cup challenge at the Nurburgring (Nordschliefe), i tuned the car up to 144bhp and he still managed to lose, even though he worked up to 1st place, he somehow lost it again. Then i had to retune the car spending money to get it up to 180bhp so that he could basicly just demolish them on the straights, its quite pathetic really, i won the race in the stock Cup Car in A-Spec.
  8. +1, but to be honest, I am not expecting much in AI improvement from Sony/PD.

    I only wanted a couple of things from GT5 (as a package)
    Race starting options
    choose track
    a scalable competitive AI (so I can change it as my experience increases/decreases)
    ability to choose car(s) for AI
    realistic physics (i'm only level9 so maybe it gets better?)

    ..and then race!!
  9. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    Premium Member

    May I ask why? The game has only been out for just over a week (or so) and the devs have said that they are committed to multiple patches for fixes and tweaks. True, some devs say that and then don't bother, but shouldn't we at least give them a chance before writing them off?
  10. To be honest, my hopes are not spectacularly high for any radical AI fixes either. I love Gran Turismo, I really do, but the fact is that even the most ardent fanboy couldn't argue that the AI isn't, well, a bit crap. Always has been. Polyphony have had since 1997 to sort out the series' weak AI and it's never happened yet. No reason to think it will happen now...