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GT5 Photo Shoot

Discussion in 'Racer' started by unipipe, Nov 27, 2010.

  1. How are the physics compared to LFS or Rfactor?
  2. really don't know.. never play lfs or Rfactor
  3. My 2 cents, after 090 release when some of the creators (inactive Racer or other) work out how flexible & powerful Racer has become, master the shaders etc Racer will look better than this, with the bonus of having MUCH better physics.

    Racer's been getting rather exciting lately, Ruud's been using the flyspray liberally, a lot of bugs still, but u can see its all coming together. Imagine how good its going to be very soon...
  4. GT5 is very good imo... after more and more playing.

    It's biggest weakness though is there are too many tyres. I bought the LP640 Murcielago and it felt rather numb with hard sports tyres. But the soft road tyres (ie, what a real LP640 would probably come with), and the car is simply stunning to just drive around. I drove LFS years ago, and rFactor a fair bit recently with real feel and all that stuff, but imo, GT5 can match those if you run the right tyres for road cars!

    Sounds are really good too. Samples vary from front or back, or perhaps some equalisers or filters to change the sound as it passes the camera.
    Then, from what I can tell from replays at Lemans, there is a true sound-space implemented. So for example as the car accelerates towards the camera, and changes gear, you see the HUD show the gear change, but don't hear the revs drop for a fraction of a second, or on the Lemans course, this can add up to a good second.
    It really adds a great deal to the authenticity imo.

    Graphics are just average really, but high consistent (if you ignore the old GT4 cars). You can see stuff drawing in and popping LOD's, shadows splits are all over the shop, sometimes trees are rendering there shadows only when you get within about 40m, really obvious stuff on a sunset Tuscan track!

    All in though, I'm totally with David. Racer is easily as capable. We have small windows of excellence here and there. The fact Racer can, at times, do everything most of us simmers like better than GT5 for example, it stands to reason that with the right work from developers, it can sit happily next to GT5 and show it a thing or two :D

    It's just working to that point.

    Personally, NFS HP is my visual inspiration right now. It looks simply beautiful at times. If I can get my cars/tracks looking that good then I will be a happy man... all tied in with quality physics :D Yay!