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GT5 DLC - Coming Soon

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Ross Garland, Oct 5, 2011.

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  1. Ross Garland

    Ross Garland
    A legend in my own mind... Premium

    Just as I say that there are no further updates on the upcoming DLC, Kaz decides to post exactly that on Twitter. :rolleyes:

    Personally, I want the courses, don't particularly want any new cars, and definitely do not want racing gear. I guess the big question is, how much will it cost?
  2. Yeah the courses are what I want too, hopefully some from older games in the series and some real world ones too(MONTREAL please :cool:)
  3. Looks like the track DLC is Spa and a new Kart track. Quite pathetic if you ask me...going to pass.
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