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GT5 considered a sim?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Kris Cabrera, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. Just wanted to get you guys opinion on how much GT5 feels like a sim?
  2. Like beauty, simulation is in the eye of the beholder. I don't really get too wrapped up in it to be honest. Even what many consider to be the most 'hardcore racing simulation' - iRacing is called a game by one of their own staff in a blog entry not so long ago. GT5 simulates driving a multitude of cars in a variety of locations, I think it does this very well but your mileage may vary.
  3. It feels like a sim if you mean like Iracing/Rfactor/Netkar then yes. If you drive with all the aids off it is very much that kind of gameplay, though its not the same it is a different game and very different engine so it will not feel the same its definitely no arcade game.

    Many people base a simulation on how hard the cars are to drive, well i can tell you that with the aids off the Chrome BMW M3 Coupe is one of the hardest sim cars i've ever driven, i can drive all my IRacing and Rfactor cars with some confidence but that thing, i lost count of how many times i restarted the race in a 3 lap race at grand valley speedway, by the 3rd race in the FR car series i gave up and turned the driving aids on, which made the car much easier and more pleasant to drive, that backend is like a wild horse.
  4. How's the force feedback with G25/G27 compared to PC sims? I can't decide whether I want to buy a PS3 for GT5 or just save the money for upgrading the PC or monitor set up. Really need to try it for myself but no one I know owns a PS3 :(
  5. Force feedback is pretty good, its not as good as IRacing or a good mod in Rfactor with Real feel. you cant feel the bumps in the road or the torque through the wheel as much, though i have only driven road cars, most of which are power steering or atleast power assisted steering so in real life you wouldnt feel that anyway. In offroad the FFB is actually really great, the rallying was my biggest surprise its really great to be honest, you can feel everything and there is a sense of grip now, but its still very challenging and thus rewarding.

    The physics infact are fantastic, i drove the Ferrari 512BB (i think) 1976 model in a licence test, and it was just so awesome to drive, really dificult to keep it balanced and on the road if you're driving it fast but really fun and rewarding, if you find it hard you can turn the aids on very gradually which can turn an undrivable car into something that still feels very real but can be driven more aggresively.

    But at the same time the driving aids DO slow you down, if you're a good driver and you can handle the cars without them you will gain time, atleast in the well behaved cars they are noticeably faster without driving aids on.

    To be honest im really impressed with the physics, i've really taken to it as some of the cars really are fantastic, i can't wait to buy that ferrari for my own garage and take it around the nurburgring.