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Career GT2 World Championship 2016 1.3

GT2 World Championship 2016 - 9 Races - 100km - 17 Opponents

  1. c4p


    c4p submitted a new resource:

    GT2 World Championship 2016 - GT2 World Championship 2016 - 8 Races - 100km - 17 Opponents

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  2. Looks awesome! Why do we need dp3?
    EDIT: maybe i should read, brands hatch
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  3. c4p


    hey man, thx. Yes it's because of Brands Hatch, but it's worth it!:thumbsup:
  4. Si

    Premium Member

    this is great! can you do a GT3 mode please?
  5. c4p


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  6. c4p


  7. Neville Roberts

    Neville Roberts
    Premium Member

    Thoroughly enjoying your championships, it's added a whole new dimension to Assetto Corsa for me so thank you very much.
    However since the 1.5 update I get a different skin for each event is there any way to have the same car selected for each event?
  8. c4p


  9. c4p