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EU GT2 @ Imola - Sunday 22 Mar 2015

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Racing Club' started by Oscar, Mar 17, 2015.

  1. Screenshot_bmw_m3_gt2_imola_17-3-115-21-0-39.jpg

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    Event Information:

    Cars: BMW M3 GT2, Ferrari 458 GT2, Corvette C7R (DreamPack DLC), P4/5 Competizione
    Track: Imola
    Track condition: Green (starting ~95%)

    Booking: No (pickup mode)
    Practice: 19:00 GMT (60 minutes)
    Qualifying: 20:00 GMT (15 minutes)
    Race: 20:15 GMT (25 laps)

    T/C, ABS: Factory

    Special notes
    • Join the server in time from 19:00 GMT to 20:00 GMT. If you can't join in time, make sure you sign out before 18:00 GMT.
    • Teamspeak required.
    • Helicorsa app recommended (DOWNLOAD)
    • Passwords will be sent via private message just before the practice session.

    Club & League races go premium: click here
    Racing Club rules and License info: click here
    Teamspeak password:
    click here
    Teamspeak installation guide: click here

    Please Note:
    • Two non-shows within a two month period will lead to a 30 day suspension of the player's license
    • Breach of a Golden Rule will lead to a 30 day suspension of the player's license

    Entry List
    1. Coen (458)
    2. Oscar (P4/5)
    3. Jaime Aleman (C7R)
    4. Craig Patteson (M3)
    5. Mid-pack Jack (P4/5)
    6. Stelios (P4/5)
    7. Warren King (458)
    8. Galin Dimov (C7R)
    9. James Hemp (458)
    10. Geof (C7R)
    11. Christian Lozanov (C7R)
    12. Tarcirion (C7R)
    13. turnburgler (P4/5)
    14. Tomi Manninen (458)
    Matheus Machado (458)
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2015
  2. Rami

    #20 FinnTeam Premium

    In please... with 458.
  3. Coennos

    Green green green

    In please with the 458
  4. Jaime Aleman

    Jaime Aleman

    corvette please
  5. Craig Patteson

    Craig Patteson
    Natural Born Racer XB1 Gamertag RIPDazza8405 Premium

    Sign me up please M3 :)
  6. @Oscar Is it possible to have the P4/5 Comp in this class?

    Not many registered so far for this race. :(
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2015
  7. I see no problem with that- added! Want in? :cool:
  8. Yes please. sign me in with the p4/5:thumbsup:

    But is it a lot slower than the other cars in this class?
    Last edited: Mar 21, 2015
  9. In terms of laptimes its a second + off the 458, but then so are pretty much all the other gt2 cars. I think the p4/5 is around the pace of a C7R. They're all close enough to make for some good racing though! :thumbsup:
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  10. Stelios


    Count me in with the P4/5 !
  11. woz9us


    Sign me up in the 458 please
  12. Galin Dimov

    Galin Dimov

    In with the C7R
  13. Cheers Oscar. I doesn't matter to me anyway. What's a second when your being lapped? ;):D
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  14. James Hemp

    James Hemp
    Green Devils Racing

    sign me in with the 458 :)

    ps: i just hope i can get home in time.
  15. Geof

    I never lose. Either I win, or I learn. Premium

    PC repaired. :D

    Sign me in with the CR7.
    Let's see how see takes the kerbs. :)

    @Galin Dimov, glad to see that you have not yet given up with AC. ;)
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2015
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  16. Sign me in with the C7R please.
  17. Matheus Machado

    Matheus Machado
    Talking Door Racing Premium

    Can I be signed up as a maybe? Not sure I will be home at time.
  18. Sign me up with the 458 please!
  19. Galin Dimov

    Galin Dimov

    I like the driving too much... It's a love/hate relationship on so many levels :D
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  20. Matheus Machado

    Matheus Machado
    Talking Door Racing Premium

    Forgot to specify the car... It will be a 458