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Career GT Tour le Mans 2014 1.1

GT Tour endurance 40 laps

  1. hulg063 submitted a new resource:

    GT Tour le Mans 2014 - GT Tour endurance 40 laps

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  2. Please remove the cars I paid for em - don`t know why you included them!!
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  3. thank you very much, didnt know these cars were free.
    i will share them now, everyone should have these great cars.
  4. They are not free!! Just so you know!!!
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  5. how is it definitely a mod to remove the site?
  6. the internet is free.;)
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  7. hulg063 updated GT Tour le Mans 2014 with a new update entry:

    GT TOUR LE MANS 2014

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  8. just sad to have paid for free stuff^^
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  9. I see it fixed now! Thanks!!
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  10. So you dislike my post when this site does not support Pirated stuff! Funny!!
  11. paying for software is like paying for air to breathe.:)
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  12. it is not hacked, a guy just put the mod online for the pleasure of everyone
  13. if piracy was or is a conversion I have received an email racedep within five minutes after the posting . short, I made an update ;)
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  14. You know what I have nothing against you - I like your Championship!
    What you do on other sites and download etc I don`t care! Hope you understand my point of view to?

    I will not respond any more to this as it is fixed now!
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  15. what kind of dumb statement is that? So basically you are saying stealing someones work is the same thing as breathing air? :O_o:. Great logic man.:thumbsdown:. Go into bestbuy and steal a copy of windows 8 and tell that to the cops. You should be ok. Its just software.
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  16. Muchas Gracias