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GT Power Expansion Conflict?

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by Steve Bean, Apr 26, 2011.

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  1. hi guys i have just opened a server as i normally do a few days before so the team can get together to practice

    but today i have made it and the broardcast car is unknown now?

    i was a bot confused so i move all mods out my folder and the problem persists

    so i came to thinking ah it could be the new expansion released as i downloaded this and installed

    does anyone know if this is true as i dont want to uninstall gt power if the need not be

    best regards

    thx in advance
  2. ahh no problem i have having a silly day today (Up all night with the little boy) :)

    i will just remove the tv and safety cars from the server :)

    good luck all for the next round i wish you all the best and a happy race
  3. Does it work offline?
  4. Good info Steve, Can we get confirmation of this ? Don't want this happening to drivers on thursday on the official STC server.
  5. ok guys well i am in the official stc server and i have gt expansion and seems to be working fine and i notice i can select the safety car and the broardcast car without a problem so i belive maybe a mod we have on our server was causing the conflict

    best regards

    and hope you all have a problem free race
  6. Thx steve, good to know this.
  7. no problem my friend and happy racing to your and all teams on thursday

    best regards
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.