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GT Omega Racing - Triple Monitor Stand v3

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Marcel Offermans, Jan 27, 2014.

  1. Hey all, I just wrote up this review on my blog about the Triple Monitor Stand v3, by GT Omega Racing. I was looking for a stand that would fit around the BRD Race Frame Pro v2 without being directly connected to it. After some research, I settled on this stand and decided to share my experiences here:


    If anybody has further questions, feel free to ask them here!
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  2. Nice review Marcel,
    32 inch tv's probably don't fit on that stand, correct?
  3. Correct, it is made for monitors up to 27".

    I could not fit anything bigger than 24" in my room anyway, but I also wanted to have displays with extremely low lag and an ability to use "lightboost" to eliminate ghosting. That's why I ended up choosing three BenQ XL2411T screens for my setup. I'm very happy with how that turned out, even fast moving objects on the side monitors are perfectly legible with no ghosting at all.
  4. so you're advice would be go for monitors instead of tv's?

    do you think this tv will suffer from too much lag?
    it's fast for a tv, not?

    if I would go for monitors I'd still go for this stand but I like the size of the tv's
  5. It's difficult to answer in absolute terms what is "too much lag". I switched from a 37" TV, which definitely had some lag, to this setup and I must say I see a big difference. What I can definitely recommend is this site http://www.blurbusters.com/ which has many interesting articles, tests and videos that show the difference between a lot of types of monitors.

    What I can say is that the monitor size is not that important. The 24" monitors I use are fairly close to my head. They are positioned directly behind the wheel, I'd say probably about 60cm from screen to head. Whilst you could do the same with larger monitors (and probably put the side monitors at 90 degrees even) you might end up placing such larger screens further away from your head. That means they appear smaller and you end up with the same FOV. So the main advantage is that your eyes end up focussing further away. That might be more comfortable. I just did not have the space. :)
  6. Hi Marcel,
    Thanks for the great review. I'm considering to order this stand too. I have a home built rig, and it would fit perfectly, but I want to use the monitors (3*23") at a desk too. Currently I'm using two desks in L shape and changing the monitor placement one by one if I want to change from driving to doing other stuff at the desk and vica versa. So it's very space consuming, and not very practical :) I'm just wondering, if this stand can be easily lifted and rotated the whole thing 90°? The weight would be around 30kg with the monitors so that's not an issue, but will it stand that kind of treatment? Another question is that can I adjust the height of all 3 monitors at the same time easily? For the desk usage it should be higher than for the cockpit.
    Thanks for your help in advance!
  7. The stand is easy to move around. If you look at the image (taken from the GT Omega Racing website) you can see the stand has two stable legs and if you grab each with one hand, the whole thing moves easily. I have no reservations that it will be able to stand that kind of treatment, it's all metal and robust.

    Adjusting the height is also possible. Again from the picture, you see there is a large horizontal bar, which is the base for the three vertical silver tubes. The monitor arms can be adjusted in height individually along the silver tubes, but that requires you to unscrew a fastener which is not that easy to reach once the monitors are in place. The large horizontal bar can be moved up and down, moving all the monitors at once. I would not call this easily though, as you need to unscrew two screws that keep the bar in position and with three heavy monitors attached, the bar has the tendency to immediately "move down". I found it a bit awkward to do by myself. If you have an extra pair of hands, it's a lot easier.

    Hope this helps...

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  8. The stand fits monitors up to 27" and this monitor also seems to have a VESA 100 mount, so yes. To show you the reach of the arms, I made a photo of the stand with my 24" monitors (ignore the mess) from the top. As you can see the side arm is not stretched out yet at all, so I'd say it easily accommodates for the extra width of a 27" monitor.

  9. Thanks Marcel, sure you helped a lot. I think I'll go for it. If the height adjustment will be too tricky, I'll raise the cockpit, the easy moving around was the biggest issue, I'm fed up with moving the monitors one by one and make the alignment perfect every time, and i'll gain a good 15 cm distance, that would help the fov too :)
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  10. yup marcel thanks a lot
    best bang for your buck as well i think
  11. Marcel, Thanks a lot for posting this thread. It's great!

    I've actually got a GT Omega triple monitor stand too - the same one as you. I'll be setting it up this weekend so will be referring to your blog a bit.

    I have a question: once you set up the stand with the side monitors at the angle you choose and once it is all finalised, can you just swing the side monitors to another angle without any hassle once you're finished playing for the day. Or are the monitors sort of fixed in place with screws or something?

    The reason I'm asking is 'cos I'm hoping to have the monitors at something like a 50 or 55 degree angle each to the centre monitor while playing, then when I've finished playing I'd like to push one of the side monitors back so it is at a 0 degree angle (straight with the centre monitor). It's a space problem.
  12. Thanks for the kind words Billy!

    Regarding your question, once you've setup the monitors, you can simply swing them back after playing. It's actually what I do as well, to make it easier for me to climb out and because one of the monitors is actually blocking a path in my room.

    Looking forward to learning about your experiences!
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  13. Thanks for this reply. It's exactly what I was hoping to hear - great!
    It's one little detail, but it'll make sharing our mezzanine space where the rig will be (with my other half) that much more harmonious :)
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  14. I've got mine a couple of weeks ago. Just loving it so far. It's very durable and adjustable. I place this above the cockpit, and behind it I could place my desk and I can easily turn the center monitor between the desk or the triple screen within a couple of seconds. Adjusting the angle of the side screens is very quick and easy too, for iRacing, Asetto corsa and rFactor I run about 45 degrees of angle, but when I play something which doesn't support 3 viewport like Euro Truck simulator 2 I adjust them to a very low angle to eliminate the disorientation in no time. Awesome product, very comfortable to adjust, it saved a lot of space to me.
    Thanks for the help Marcel again;)
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