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GT Legends - getting to know you

Discussion in 'GT Legends' started by Steven Palmer, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. Need some help.

    Got GTL for Christmas and decided to have a little play around with it today :).

    Now there are a few things that are bothering me and I'm wondering if it's me or just the way the game is.

    Firstly, I read the post by Warren about the .PLR file force feedback settings and have added them to my own .PLR file. The trouble is the wheel (G25) feels far,far to light for me when driving along normally. I have the FFB turned up to high, so the feedback going round corners is fine (more resistance on the wheel) but once it get back to the straight it feels like its on air, just no resistance at all, which makes the car (just trying the Arbath at the moment) a little skittish.

    Secondly, are the gears for the Arbath locked? I can't seem to change any of the ratio's from 1st to 4th, but oddly I can change reverse and the final gear ratio.

    Third and finally, I thought I'd give the gear shift & clutch a go to give it a more authentic experience. Now it maybe me and my lack of experience with the game but it doesn't work/feel realistic at all.

    I can change gear without using the clutch, which you can't really do in your average motor without crunching the gears, so it defeats the object of the clutch really. There's an option in one of the controller menu's for "Direct Shifter" but doesn't have any description in the manual as to what it does and has no effect on the game that I can notice.

    I'm going to leave it for tonight because I'm getting a little frustrated to be honest, I really want to like this game ( I loved watching these cars on "World of Sport" with Dickie Davies on a Saturday afternoon as a boy)
    So if anyone can help shed some light on any of the issues above I'd appreciate it.
  2. Concerning the gears: I believe you can choose between 3 options (short - med - long)
    Gear & clutch: are you trying to practise on pro-level? If not you need to disable auto-clutch (one of the F buttons). I believe it has the tendency to forget its previous setting.
  3. "World of Sport" with Dickie Davies.
    Takes me back to my youth lolz

    I have GTL. in fact I brought it when it first came out but only ever raced on it for about an hour. was hooked on GTR...

    Me thinks it's time to reinstall and give it a go. has some very nice cars from when I was a kid..

    Hope to see you on track :)
  4. Firstly, I'd suggest you try a few other cars to test the FFB settings. The Abarth is a very unusual car, very short wheelbase, so some setup options have a big impact. Maybe you should post us a screenshot of all of your wheel settings, both in-game and in Profiler. I find the FFB to be very good, way better than rFactor where I just can't get rid of that light deadzone when going straight.

    This will vary from car to car in GTL. Many (including the Abarth) have locked gears and you only vary the diff ratios, some allow full gear variation.

    GTL is no different to most of the other Simbin games in this regard. They all allow you to change gears without the clutch. The "direct shifter" option allows you to go into neutral when not in a selected gear, and should be used if you are using the H shifter option.
  5. Oops, sorry for the misleading info I posted. Never to old to learn from the master :) (and gettin' a bit more experienced with GTL)
  6. Ok Warren,

    Here's some screenies of my settings (still getting used to the wheel and game so if you need more just give me some instructions and I'll follow them)

    I've also attached my .PLR file (minus the username and password) for you to look at.

    I tried some more cars this morning, and they are as you said a little better feeling than the Arbath, but still I wish there was a little more "heaviness" to the wheel going down the straights.






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  7. hi steve. in order to "feel" the steering force in high speed i suggest you adjust the speed sens steering to 50%.this will solve your problem of felling that the the car is "on air" on the straight.
  8. I'll try that later, thanks Amir :highfive:
  9. Steven, here are my GTL settings. They are a lot different to yours, but I'd like you to try them and see what you think. Note that I don't like to have a very heavy wheel, so you may want the strength increased a bit, and I like to remove as much of the "canned" FFB effects so that I can concentrate on the grip feedback while driving.

    1. Profiler
    I use a specific GTL profile so that I can use different settings to EVO and rFactor.
    My GTL profile settings are:
    Overall Effects Strength = 101%
    Spring Effects Strength = 0
    Damper Effects Strength = 0

    Enable Centering Spring = ticked
    Centering Spring Strength = 0

    Rotation = 362 deg
    Allow Game to adjust settings = unticked

    2. In-Game Controller Settings
    (those that are different to yours)
    Brake deadzone = 4%
    Clutch Sensitivitiy = 51%
    Clutch Deadzone = 2%
    Speed Sensitivity Steering = 0

    Feedback Effects = Low
    Feedback Strength = 100%
    Reverse Effects = Ticked (I think this could be your problem ?)

    I have modified your .plr file to bring the FFB settings to the same as mine. The revised one is attached here.

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  10. What is the minimum system requirement for the game?
  11. According to the packaging:
    Windows 2000/XP, 1.3 GHz Intel pentium 3 or AMD, 512 MB RAM, 2.5 GB HD Space, DX 8.1, Video Card/64 MB.

    2 GHz Pentium 4 or AMD, 1GB RAM, DX 9.0c, Video Card/256 MB.

    GTL is not particularly demanding on systems, but still looks amazingly good for an older game.
  12. Warren,

    That seems to be a better "feel" to the settings I was using and I actually managed to do a lap of Monza 2.12.xxx in the BMW CSL, so now it's all down to putting some effort into the game and racking up a few miles.

    Thanks. :beer:
  13. Good to hear Steven.
    Many of the cars in GTL are not easy to drive, especially if you are used to GTR EVO, these older cars are very responsive and often overpowered for the tyres. Just remember that the technology in those days was very different. However, the game is very rewarding when you get used to it. The variation between cars is a lot, they are all different, and often it becomes "seat of your pants" driving, where car control becomes more important than anything else. The good news is that this usually translates to much cleaner on-line racing, especially with the core group of RD GTL members we have here.

    Patience and practice will be heavily rewarded with GTL. :handshake:
  14. LOL, I've noticed the handling is shocking on some of these cars, but as you said above that's quite normal for cars of this era, just takes a little getting used to after a few hours of EVO, then switching to GTL. It certainly is a different style of driving and one that will take me a little while to get used to, but that'll be the fun part. :laugh2:
  15. How much steering lock do you guys use with 360 rotation?
    I always calculated to the 15:1 ratio so that's 12 steering lock.
    But i have the feeling if you go higher then 360 rotation it feels not right anymore. :)
  16. @360 I use between 15 and 19 depending on the car Ivo
  17. Stuart Thomson

    Stuart Thomson
    The Stoat Without Fear ™ Premium

    I have the reactions of a dead cat, Ivo, so I use 20 on full 900 degree rotation to give me a chance.
  18. 360 degree's I use 20 degrees on all the cars.. Then adjust my right foot to suit :bang:
  19. I used to have 540 degrees lock on the steeringwheel and 20 degrees on the wheels. But I have recently increased it to 810 and 25-28 in order to catch the big slides
  20. I use about 360deg rotation and usually my steering lock is around 20 to 24 depending on the car.
    Looking at others, it appears that I'm using less steering action than others, smaller throws of the wheel.