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GSC2012 stuttering problems

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Guilherme Piucco, Oct 26, 2012.

  1. Hi, I've been having weird "stuttering" randomly while racing GSC2012. It's like the game skips 0.5 or a second, even the FFB on my G27 stops responding for that time. It's specially annoying in the middle of a corner or when I have to shift (it ignores all input). I have a pretty good system so I don't think it is related to performance.
    I usually run a dedicated server on my system so my friends can join, but it also happens with the internal multiplayer create game option (which I think is almost the same).

    i7-950, 18GB RAM, SSD, gtx 680, logitech g27
    Running it at 32x CSAA, 8x SGSS.

    I googled but did not find anything that solved my issue. Any tips on what may be causing the stuttering or how to get rid of it?
  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Wow with such a system racing this game on full settings should be easy.

    Are you using all the cores ?
  3. I had some stutters too. But after disabling paging file all together it went away. You have so much RAM, I have 6 gigs in my simrig, that no need for paging file. In all fairness, some say that at least small paging file is needed but I've never noticed any problems without it.

    Of course this isn't necessarily help for you, but might be worth to try if nothing else works.
  4. I've never paid any attention to the core usage... hmm. I'll do that.
    You see, it does not seem that it's an issue with the performance... I can't explain exactly. Framerate is steady 60 with vsync on (didn't measure with it off, though), no sign of performance problem, and then it skips, coming back still at 60fps.
    Wheel not responding is very strange. Feels like the whole game freezes for a second.
    I've read some reports of rFactor stuttering with newer nvidia cards, but also some newer radeons. Tried a fix (a directx dll), but that didn't help.

    I'll try some other things tonight, like disabling antivirus (I use Avast), and pay more attention to what may be triggering this.
  5. Since I use SSD and lots of RAM (btw, I even thought of running the game from a RAM drive LOL), I think I disabled page file. I'll double check, and try with it enabled as well.
  6. I have the same problem but only on championship mode, I have not tried online, there is no stutter at all running a single race or a practice session with even more cars.
    I tried disabling page file with no success, the wombat nvidia fix fixed the stutter but there is a lot of jitter with it, so I set the shadows to high instead of max and lower the track detail and it works fine.
    My computer specs are i7 3820, nVidia GTX670, 8GB RAM, SSD HD. It should be able to run the game with all maxed.
  7. Emerson Meyer

    Emerson Meyer
    Keep Fighting Premium

    Same here, but just at Curitiba and Tarumã. Very annoying.
    Some advice? Please?
  8. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    Might help, might not but mine was doing it in championship mode the other day. I was downloading something on STEAM at the time. When I stopped all downloads and exited steam, started GSC2012 again, all was well.

    *edit* spec: i3 3.30ghz / 4Gb ram / 1gb ddr5 GTX545 / 1TB 7200rpm drive so I am definitely lower spec than some of the above and running on max settings.
  9. Marian Zelenka

    Marian Zelenka
    The downforce is strong with this one. Premium

    I had to disable replays in .plr file and also shadows because my older pc starts giving up. I had the same problem with R07. Strange thing is I normaly have more than 100fps (around 240fps max) but still had got some microstutters.
  10. I was getting stutters during races until I used Nvidia Inspector and set the frame rate limit to 60 with vsync on. I'm also using 4x Multisampling & 4x Sparse Grid Supersampling and it's very smooth during the races. However it's still extremely jerky during replays for some reason, even though the frame rate never drops below 30fps.

    All in game settings maxed out.

    I5 2500k (4200mhz)
    Geforce 560Ti GTX
    8GB GSkill Ram