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GSC2012 - rfm files

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Zoltan Birkas, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    first of all GSC2012 is one of the best racing game for ages, it is worth the price for sure.

    I have just installed GSC2012, and I have just a question. In GSC, I could find the rfm files containing the championship definitions, so I could create new chanpionships in them with extended schedule (i wanted more races, so used all variants of available tracks).

    Is this file available and maintenable in GSC2012? I do not want to create a completely new file, because i want to use exactly the same settings as the official championship, only with more races.

  2. Thanks!
    I've tried the batch file, and it works, but originally in GSC the rfm contains a lot more options defining the rules (like parc ferme rules, etc), which is not in the generated file. I'd like to have exactly the same circumstances just more races.
    Will it then take all these settings from default rfm file reiza1.rfm?
  3. The problem with the rFms is that they are now hidden in the .exe file (to prevent mismatches I believe). I guess if you found a way to copy them, then you could have a second set of .rFms for your custom championships. As far as using my batch file goes, I'm not sure whether the .aos files support the extra rules (frankly I didn't know the ones in the .rFm had options for extra rules :p). The only thing I can suggest is to try adding the extra lines required for the custom rules to the .aos files and see if it works - they are not default game files so you can't really screw anything up :p.
  4. Thanks Man, for the comment!
    I try to play a bit with it.

    Oh by the way, huge thanks for the batch!! It is very very helpful!!