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GSC Demo Jibber Jabber

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Paul Lock, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. Aw man, if you had made that corner after setting up the drift, kissing the apex and powering away cleanly, I would have quite literally got in my car and driven to wherever in that London you live, shaken you by the hand and bought you a beer.
  2. How about you buy the game Paul and start racing with us, this game is bundles of fun, i just wish it was alot more popular... well worth the £20.
  3. Funny you should say that, ive just installed the demo.

    I was serious about that turn, would have been a 'hollywood' moment. :D
  4. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Hehe another believer :) Welcome Paul!
  5. i wish i could m8 haha, Paul when you run the demo don't make the msitake i did, going around the track in gear 1 and can't shift up thinking something is wrong .... lol , push L to take the pit limiter off and you're be fine to go racing, believe me the cars are hard to drive but great fun :)
  6. This is how you take a corner Scott hahaha.....

  7. duplicate post deleted.
  8. duplicate post deleted.

    Eh? Are my post multiplying or something??? Thats 3 now.
  9. haha Paul you corner cutter.... so how did the trial go you like it? personally 30 minutes isn't enough to make an opinion of it, but i got the vibe from it and people egged me on to get it :).... im glad i did!
  10. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Posts split from the GSC Movies thread. Got a bit too offtopic :)
  11. I played the demo and enjoyed the track time I got, but it didnt feel like 30mins so can only assume I wasted half my trial in the menus :D

    Anyway, I need to be educated here. From what little I experienced, it was very much like Race07 - dont get me wrong this is a good thing, however as I already own, play and enjoy Race07 and it has a massive selection of mods, I was wondering if those in the know could highlight some reasons why I should buy GSC?

    One other thing, Im sure it was down to setup, but the FFB didnt feel quite as informative as R07, although I set my G27 rotation at 270 (as advised in the FAQ) and ingame FFB was 'Full' and -100 (also as seen on this forum).

    Be interested to get some info on my queries or happy to be pointed in the right direction if its been covered before.
  12. what??? im sorry, but this game dont feel like race 07 to me. youve got to get in a full on race with 36 AI to really appreciate how good this game is. The ffb, rocks the hell out of my dfgt, sending shudders through my open wheeler cockpit. and for 20 quid its a bargain...
  13. Useful thanks! :D
  14. buy it paul, you wont be dissapointed mate get download it now and get in the race tonight..
  15. Paul i have a G27 too, the Force feedback is spot on for me, one of the best i have ever tried, PS Paul, do you particpate on Racing Club events for Race07? i was thinking of getting it but not sure :D

    GSC and rFactor 2 + BF3 will be a big bonus for me.... check your PM
  16. Replied to your PM matey.

    Yeah I wasnt saying the FFB was bad, just couldnt feel the car as well as I did in Race07. I only had a few laps to make this judgement, which is why im hoping maybe some people could give me informed opinions on that and the other aspects of the game.

    I havent done any RD club races other than with F1 Scott. I have been on the multiplayer with R07 but it was a mixed bag of exceptionally good and bad drivers :D
  17. The race07 ffb is stronger but totally flat...
    I prefer 10 times the gsc ffb...