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Grid Autosport Free Cockpit CAM Mod v1.2

Free Cockpit Cam

  1. Mortal submitted a new resource:

    Grid Autosport Free Cockpit CAM Mod - Free Cockpit Cam

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  2. Can i ask whats the different between this & "Cockpit Cam (no blur) 1.1" mod by Siroja ??
    Thanks first.
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  4. And how can i move the cam. With the look left and right button it doesnt work.
  5. And how it works? What Keys ???? Tell us please!!!
  6. Works with Right joystick from gamepad
  7. Thanks for this MOD! But i need a real FOV changer !
  8. Could u fix the rear cam animation?
  9. is it ok to use it online?