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Apparel Greek Helmet 1.3

A Greek helmet made upon request...

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  1. Thanks a lot mate!!!
  2. Benutzername

    The Will to Death is what keeps me alive Premium

    I like veery simple helmets (and mate helmets ;D)
    This is a simple one. For a team just a few spinsors are missing and maybe a second colour, but thats not needed here (and it was a request and just my opinion ;))

    And its way cleaner than your previous helmets!
  3. Only thing I have to criticise - the helmet design seems to continue on the inside. Just compare Alonsos helmet on the left.

  4. I know, I actually tried to make it high quality!!

  5. Yes, this template had been through lots of mods, and gradually the inside of the helmet was getting painted on. It doesn't continue on right inside, just at the edges!
  6. Maybe repaint that part on the next one :D

  7. I'm using a new helmet as the next template :D
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  8. Oh, by the way - you rather shouldn't repaint helmets that are originally in the game - this might, in the worst case, cause legal trouble.

  9. I doubt codemasters will run after me with a fine for repainting one of their helmets, but I'll keep it in mind, thanks ;)
  10. Just saying. There's been discussions with the admins. It's kind of a grey zone, legally.
    If you do stuff like that, rather not upload it here on RD; you may as well show the Helmets in the WIP thread, but rather upload them elsewhere and just give the link via PM to whoever show's interest in the WIP thread.
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  11. Good idea, will do in the future, if I modify the pattern on the helmet slightly, then would that be wrong??
  12. Well, it could still be considered a copyright infringement. I doubt that there'd be any trouble - really doesn't pay for CM, but still. Better work with what you can do yourselves. Still - if someone asks you to repaint an original helmet, then don't let them down, just do it. I'm certainly not gonna spill the beans about that xD
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  13. Not really many beans to be spilled! Thanks for the advice :)
  14. Not saying :) Always a pleasure. Keep it up, mate! You're getting there :thumbsup:
  15. Miles Congratulations on your great work and many thanks.
  16. @Miles Which helmet will be replaced? Helmet number 20? I overwrote the file, but the helmet did not appear with the Greek colours..

  17. Did you replace both high and low?
  18. Has anyone else had this prob?
  19. Yes I did.