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Great forum but arrogant attitudes sometimes...

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by The-Sheriff, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    Apparantly there is a big difference in what users can post. Others can post their independant reviews of the Fanatec Clubsport V2 simracing hardware, but I cannot say mine is online at my site with a link.
    The post was deleted without even a message to me, how arrogant is that.... :mad: :cautious:

    At least you can tell people why... such a great place to jump around, but arrogant attitudes.
  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

  3. Hi Bram. His posting was a little OTT but would he have received notification that his posting on the Fanatec had been moved ? I assume that he didn't, or maybe he didn't see it before posting, as otherwise he wouldn't have reacted as he did.
    Just a thought.
  4. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    @Roadster-2 for the amount of stuff that gets merged into the correct place, notifying each and everyone for each post just isn't practical.
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  5. OK Bram Sorry, and as Roadster says, I would not be writing this if I was aware of it being moved. How should I guess it was moved into a thread called "what do you want tested" ?... at least into a thread called "Clubsport V2 Reviews" or something that would have made better sense. But maybe thats just me. Again, sorry.
    A constructive proposal is to give people a short automessage when something is moved or deleted. Or as you say history, that I did not think of.
  6. One option is that when Bram moves the thread or merge it, i think you can choose how long the old thread should stick around as a direct-link.
    24 hours would work although im not sure it will work when you take a thread and merge it into a post in someone elses thread.
  7. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Actually all posts we move or merge receive a 24 hour notification link it has been moved :) But if people only check back every now and then you will indeed miss out and posting history is the only way to track it.

    Its not possible to send everybody a private message that their post has moved on a forum the size of RD. Would mean a day job extra lol
  8. Ok. I can understand the difficulties and the work involved would cause a problem but that being the case it's then questionable whether it was worth moving his post in the first place. Especially as the original poster can't understand the logic of where it was moved to (at least as far as the posting title is concerned).

    Perhaps it would have been better to have left it as it was ????
  9. Nevermind, lets leave here as it is. Only for your notice Bram , I did not see that 24 hour thing, and I check in on RD several times pr. day actually, not from time to time. But daily.Maybe it was sent in the days where I was NOT here ;) that would be typical right. cheers Peter
  10. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    To be fair, you can disable said link - there might've been a mistake and thus the link hasn't been displayed. :)