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Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by panda tricolor, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. GPU : HD 7770
    Driver : catalyst 13.11 beta v1
    W7 64bit


    someone can help me to fix this ?
  2. I've got the same problem ... Radeon HD5750
  3. Try with 0.90 RC6, the RC8 version show me some errors too...
  4. Same here...
    Sad days for ATI users that's why my request for Ruud to separate Racer physics core code into Unity (dll & stuff) & let us handle & recompile stuff as we would like...

    Please support this idea, with me, Unity is free & have a half billion of users now...something like 10.000 unity Packages, some of which have everything we dreaming about...

    I'm now comparing Racer with Edy's Vehicle Physics & UnityCar, it's amazing how smooth all behaves & how all somehow feels the same...
  5. same problem with HD 7770
  6. Mine looks exactly like that. Pretty well makes it unplayable. Anyone know how to fix this? Im running radeon hd 2770m