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Graphics optimization for nVidia cards

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Harry Karayannis, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. I apologize if it has been already writen (I did a quick search and didn't find anything related, so I decided to share).

    For me, the graphics in nKPro 1.1 give me lots of shimmering & aliasing no matter what settings I use. So, I use a little program called nHancer, with which we can control nvidia cards much better than their default drivers (if you have older models you may need to use older versions of the program too, it will let you know).

    Anyway, I'm using a GTS250 1Gb DDR3 (drivers version: 196.21) with a 1152x864@32bit/85Hz screen resolution on a 17" CRT monitor and this nHancer profile I made, it greatly improves nKPro graphics for me (use the menu option "Profile->Import" to import it).

    But be prepared for significant fps drop!

    If you use a different nHancer version, you may need to manually create an nKPro profile, so I'm listing below the relative nHancer settings (feel free to further experiment with them):




    I hope it will also work for you. Greek readers should also take a look here (for it's the original source of this information).
  2. Hi Harry,

    you should also check the Transparency-AA (Supersampling) in order to get less flickering on transparent textures, like fences a.o., an example is in this thread http://www.racedepartment.com/netkar-pro/29563-enhancing-gfx-quality-nvidia-only.html .
    The negative LOD-Bias should be on Clamp, meaning a smooth transition between the tarmac mipmaps.
    Sadly, because nHancer won't work with newer Nvidia drivers (>250.XX), it is necessary to use another tool to achive the same image quality with newer drivers, which is not as userfriendly as nhancer was.
  3. Hello Tobias,

    thanks for the transparency AA info, I'll certainly give it a try :)

    However, the Negative LOD-Bias suggestion to "Clamp" (instead of "Allow ") leads to really blurred and flat textures (look on the tarmac, for example). Negative LOD bias is imperative if you seek for vivid, sharp textures (as long as the game permits it, and nKPro does). But one must find a sweet spot for the correct Negative LOD Bias value, because it produces shimmering.
  4. Yeah I know about the slightly blurred white lines, especially in the gmotor-engine based games. IMHO it is a small price to pay, to get rid of the very annoying shimmering (which becomes worse on LCDs compared to a old fashioned CRT). :)
    Is there any special reason for you, to go for an 8x anisotropic filter instead the better 16xAF?
  5. No particular reason for the AF, just for the shake of more fps :)

    But, the Negative LOD Bias in my case yields in much texture blurring (not just slightly)