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graphics card temps

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Neil Tasker, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. right i know this will vart from diffrent set up and ther are many other factors that determine a good safe running temp but as a round figure what is a safe tem to try and keep them from going over, currently mine whilst running a game with all settings maxed out are running about 65-70 under load and around 40-45 on idle , i know obvisously add fans to allow better cooling will bring these temp down bu just as a guideline what is a safe temp to try and avoid going over
  2. 65-70 under load is fine I would keep them from going over 85 if you are overclocking. I think 90 is max for a GPU. You can use a program like msi afterburner to define your fan speeds at specific temps to get better control. I find 40% is good to keep temps down and you can't really hear it when gaming. Use 50% speed if your temps are too hot, but you will have to deal with the noise.