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Graphics card advice please.

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Greame Champion, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. Hi all,
    Having to much trouble with my 8800GT with RACE07 so decided to go for an upgrade. Its a choice between these two as I do not like to spend a fortune on my cards as I change them to often.

    1. PowerColor HD 4870 1GB GDDR5 http://www.ebuyer.com/product/164557

    2. ZOTAC GTX260 192 Core SYNERGY EDITION 896MB http://www.ebuyer.com/product/160748

    Anyone running one of these or similer?
    Any advice very welcome.

    Thanks Greame
  2. I'm running an xfx HD 4870 with 1gb of GDDR5, and its great. It does need to molex power connections to work properly, but once connected up, I am running dual monitors, with GTR-e at full graphics, with Motec-Add on the second monitor with absolutely no problems at all.

    Dont really know too much about the GTX260, but I would definately recommend the HD 4870 for a purchase
  3. Did yours come with the connectors?

  4. 4870 1gb vs GTX260 196 core get the 4870
    4870 1gb vs GTX260 216 core get the GTX260 216

    4890 vs GTX275

    Now that's an hard one and it's worth spending the extra cash for either one. Both about the same speed and either one you can't go wrong and the 4890 is a beast of a card, and the one you linked to comes with a nice aftermarket cooler.

    Another option.
  5. I hate getting a new card it is always so confusing, do I get the GTX275 now?
    Another thing I have found out during research is that New ATI cards are coming out that may be in my range but I can not get the prices yet for the UK.

    My head is going to blow !!

    Cheers all
  6. Well if you can wait for the new ATi cards then do it, $299 is the expected price for a HD5850 and in the UK we often get expensive prices on new hardware compared to the US so I would probably expect it to be at least £190. But we will have to see.

    So if you can't wait and can't spend that much in the future just grab the 4890 or GTX275 now.
  7. Would the 5850 be more powerful than a 4890?

  8. If what I read is true the new cards will blow the old ones out of the water. Its all about the price now for me, if they are to much I think I will go for the ATI 4890 over nvidia this time as I get constant freezing with Race07 with my gt8800.

  9. but surely the freezing is a driver issue, i had the same problems with my 9800GT, but the latest drivers are much much better, don't get any freezing at all, in fact, the newer ones are giving me amazing frame rates now. GTREVO ,with all settings on max, and vsync on and it never drops from the 60fps.

    saying that, i'm looking at getting a new card as well, and the prices at the moment are good. i think the i will go for the 285GTX though.
  10. @Dave, I have a BFG GTX 285 OCX 1024, bought it a few months ago when I was forced to goto Vista, it was expensive at the time but I can heartily recommend it...............now, before the 190 drivers it was giving a lot of freezes in all gmotor games, fixed now, needs a close eye kept on temps, I use Nvid tools to adjust fan speed manually, run it at 90% when gaming and it runs every thing I have installed flat out at highest settings :)

  11. The latest drivers are the ones that I am having problems with, I am testing 190.57 at the mo. I will post results.
  12. They failed but I did get some new pretty colours.:jump:
  13. Are your temps ok?

    But anyway just press the order button on the 4890! I do warn you though I have had to help two people who had problems with installing the ATi driver's with this card, you should be fine as most people don't get problems, but in general ATi driver's are not as good. Nvidia suck more so for many people in Gmotor engine games with the freezing, but everything else Nvidia driver's come into their own.
  14. Hi damian,

    Heat is a factor as things improve when I take the side of the case. I supose I could try another GPU cooler but that may not work. I only play RACE07 on my PC so I think it will have to be the ATI. My 9800gt is getting on a bit so the order button is looking likley but you know what the say about fools rushing in. I have seen other users on here with the same problem who have ruled heat out as a problem completly, its a strange one for sure.
    http://forum.racedepartment.com/rfactor/23240-crash-on-rfactor.html#post397289 I know its rfactor but this is what I get.

    Cheers Greame
  15. Ye I had it before quite allot on my old 7900GS and ATi 3850. ( Was heat on the 7900gs and I dunno what it was on the 3850 as temps where good )

    Get the 4890, unless you can wait for the next generation.

    What Brand is your 9800GT?

  16. Its an Inno3D 8800GT
  17. Ok, shame it's not a Evga.

    Might be worth waiting for the new ATi cards to come out, and check prices then as the price on the 4890 will come down.
  18. What about Evga?