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Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Zack Litchfield, May 20, 2009.

  1. Are there any grandstand objects available to import into BTB? or are all of these being made in max?
  2. I basically imported some that were used on the original rfactor tracks like toban and mills ...
  3. Do you use max to do that? where can I get those to import them?
  4. 3Dsimed and then export them as a 3ds file ... and save the textures to the same folder that you saved your 3ds file.
    (note: save the 3ds in 8.3 format to ensure that you can successfully add it to the xpacker tool).

    No need for max at all as long as you have BTB and 3Dsimed ... besides ... how many people can legally aford 3DSMAX?

    I had my copy because we used it at work and the company had a multiple licence, I lost my job and lost my MAX ... oh well, I never liked it ... :bolt:

  5. or try your hand at blender,for free.
    www.blender.org get a bit confusing at first but you get the hang of it later in life.:)
  6. I use sketchup mostly now, my old head can't grasp Max and I just seem to get on with sketchup so much better, you need the pro version to export to 3ds though I believe.

    your welcome to this stand if it's any good to you


    I included both the 3ds and the gmt file for the stand, it's an old model and pretty basic but looks ok in game.

    I've moved on a little since then and it's only through practice so keep trying and don't give up, every time you do something you learn a little more.


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  7. hey lazercutter, everthing you do is a excellent job!and is well appericiated.

    i also using sketchup, but seem to be running into a lot of problems with multiple objects meshs. or something like that.
    in btb xpacker.
  8. I haven't used the xpacks much as I still use simed to put objects into the tracks, I can only guess that when you export from sketchup your model is made up of two or more objects (sketchup does that some times) open it in simed and explode all objects befor exporting to 3ds again, might work.
  9. Thanks for pointers for the grandstands. I'll def be trying them when I get home.

    Right now I'm working on a track which is kind of a speedway/road course blend. It has the speed of a speedway, but there are two slow corners (60-70mph). I'll post a WIP version of the track this weekend, hopefully with a working grandstand.
  10. deleted. althought it was free you get a silly logo across objects. Sorry