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Grand Prix of Africa?

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Ivo Simons, Apr 19, 2012.

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  2. Yes.

    Bernie wants a global sport, make it a global sport then.
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  3. All in all it seems that F1 is simply trying to do races all over the world.
    Maybe we loose a few European GP´s in one or two years only for F1 to come back again which will happen when you have this many tracks but only 20 spots to fill.

    I think it´s a hard job for Bernie this, on one hand you obviously want as many races in Europe as possible but then again you also need to expand the sport and let countries have their home race to breed new formula 1 fans.

    Just look at USA. Been a while since we were there and we can´t exactly say F1 is popular in USA.

    With two tracks coming, two completely different tracks at that you will probably see a massive increase in F1 followers.
  4. Atleast this year we will have a good blend of circuits imo.

    Catalunya - Europe
    Monaco - Europe
    Silverstone - Europe
    Hockenheim - Europe
    Budapest - Europe
    SPA Franchorchamps - Europe
    Monza - Europe
    New Delhi
    Yas Marina
    Sao Paulo

    Can´t really complain about this year.
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  5. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Oh the nonsense coming out of him at 0:38... If Spa and France are too close why not ditch the Nürburgring also. If you want to alternate then at least tell the true reason
  6. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins
    Driving til the wheels fall off

    I didn't think there was a Turkish GP this year?
  7. Nevermind on that one, i for some reason mix Turkey and Hungary...

    Istanbul -Budapest. It´s not even remotely close but my brain seems to have problems with it :)
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  8. What do you mean?

    Nurburgring is rotating with Hockenheim,
    Catalunya will probably rotate with Valencia.
  9. They used to race in Kyalami for quite some time and it's a nice enough track. So why not...
  10. The problem is there is no money going into it, so not much maintenance. Also, it's very outdated.

    But as a South African, I wish it could happen.
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  11. True, but according to Wikipedia (great source, I know :unsure:) there have been some changes in 2009. Sure, it's not the old track anymore, but the new one doesn't seem bad either.

    It might be possible to take the entire part until turn 3 flat and according to Marc Webber, kinks in straights make it easier to slipstream overtake. The part after looks nice, but probably not that great for overtaking. Turn 7-9 should be good for overtaking on fresher tyres though (better grip through 7, then slipstreaming into 9). Turn 10 is another kink, so overtaking into 11 should be good too. Not sure about turn 12, because it's actually not there in Google Maps (how do you insert Google Maps straight into these forums anyway?)


    Overall it seems like a very fast track considering how many corners it has.
  12. That is the layout last used in 1993 for Formula 1 as well, so just watch those races to get a better idea of the track as it is now.

    The provincial government withdrew all their support to the track, which has given it a massive blow, but no doubt interest in an F1 race can't hurt. But with the exchange rate, sadly locals won't go to the race if Bernie asks his usual prices.
  13. Yeah, unless the South African government decides to give this thing a financial boost, nothing is going to happen.

    That, however, doesn't seem impossible to me. South Africa is enjoying massive economic development and has rightfully earned its place in the BRICS group. They already had the football world championship. Sure, that's a national sport especially of the poor, whereas F1 would be the opposite. Still, of all African countries, South Africa, is, as usual, the best choice.
    However, the people who are squeamish about going to Bahrain might also have something against South Africa: the apartheid days may be over, but nowadays there is huge racism against foreigners from the surrounding countries and also equally massive corruption in the ruling party.
  14. There are many more issues than that in this country that I won't bore you with here, but this country has a long way to go to be able to sustain a race in F1.

    The bottom line is our government will not agree to support such a race if they won't be able to make a few million each in a short time. They are too short-sighted to see the long-term benefits for the country, or short-term benefits for the public.

    The only way I see this race happening is if it gets huge private financial backing.
  15. Oh right, I missed that you're from there. Could have saved me the lecture then :p
  16. Bernie 2 favorite line an i quote "What do you think":D
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  17. Almost a bit cocky as well :)

    But really he´s just answering on what most of the time is a dumb question.
    It says itself that if you have 20 tracks only but are going to new markets that some races will be lost.
  18. Christopher Vrettos

    Christopher Vrettos
    Premium Member

    There were rumours about a year ago about a street race in Cape Town... According to the bid, we would hopefully host a Grand Prix within 3 years.

    Regarding modern F1 cars around Kyalami, at last year's Top Gear Festival at Kyalami, Red Bull ran an F1 showcar, and it looked superb! They also came down to Killarney in Cape Town.

    South Africa has many good circuits, but unfortunately they are in dire need of upgrades. When the opportunity arose in 2006 to host the A1GP, we had two choices:

    a) To upgrade one of the older circuits for about R60 Million(?)
    b) To host a street race in Durban for R150 Million/year.

    Unfortunately, we chose the street circuit instead of upgrading -_-

    I believe, however, before we get a Grand Prix, we should get some sort of Internationally-recognised event (WTCC, GT1, WEC etc.). We were due to get GT1 in 2010 in Durban (street circuit); however this was "postponed" because we apparently wouldn't be ready to host it so soon after the Football World Cup.

    If anyone is interested, the article about the current Grand Prix bid is here: http://www.carmag.co.za/article/two-years-until-a-south-african-grand-prix-2011-07-07

    Rant over.