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Skins Graham Racing Interior 1.4

New Steering Wheel

  1. Again picture .....
  2. Picture of car is in another forum, do you really want a pic of the interior?
  3. Let me know of any improvements to be made..... I'll post regular updates ;)
  4. same answer has in garage files
  5. Ok, I'm on it.....
  6. Picture uploaded on all threads...
  7. I told you on an other post don't put links of pics because you can insert it as an image
  8. don't copy the pic's link!
  9. Hi Miles, please put your MOD in one post please. One download. Thanks.

  10. What you dont understand he cant.......
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  11. I have problems uploading it as one.........
  12. Miles: You have zipped your team/car etc as ONE file in .zip format right ??
    maybe thats were it goes wrong for you... otherwise .zip it and upload that one.

  13. I've put the new car skin in zip format, I'll do that from now on....