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GPS Telemetry for BTB

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by RC45, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. RC45

    Premium Member

    Is there anyway to use GPS telemetry height data to import and use to create a more accurate track surface?

    I was thinking about using the telemetry in my track car to collect close to real surface height changes.

    Perhaps drive around the entire track, inside edge, then 1m over and again lap and then 1m over and so on until the outside edge. In essence srie 6 or so "lines" around the track to collect height data.

    Not as accurate as LiDAR but cheaper and easier for the layman.


  2. From my experience with GPS data, the height data is notoriously innacurate.
    For example i used GPS to map an 8km track & when i got round to where i started it was about 10 metres out in the height.
    I understand where you're coming from & have considered it myself.
    Maybe more accurate GPS devices than mine exist?
  3. I have tracked my circuit with GPS, and exported to compegps to check the heights. It was 60 metres over the real altitude, but it was for all the track.
    Loaded the .gps into GE, then saved the kml and imported to BTB.
    Due to the 60 metres, I took all the points and move down the track.
    Should be inaccurate for the heights, but what about the curves? When I watched my track into GE, it was soooo different (and real!!):dance2:
  4. I tracked a walk with the dog once on my GPS to test the theory out. You need to set the frequency of points to something sensible, either by distance (recommended) or time, but I too found the height info was way out and all over the shop. Not accurate at all, but granted this was on a fairly simply Garmin hand held GPS. However, it does work.
  5. Yep...works fine...
    Remember tracking 18km in both ways every 1,5 metres....Then BTB asked me if I was crazy when importing!! :hypnotized:
  6. RC45

    Premium Member

    OK - so while lat/long are good enough to plot a track within cm's , height is totally whacked.