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Skins GP2 Series Season 2014 0.5

GP2 Series Season 2014

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  1. airutonpurosuto8912


    Does this contain skins only or other things?
  2. skins, cars, names of the drivers and teams.
    the project is on hold but soon will have more things
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  3. So there are already names of drivers in GP2? Because in the video there are not...
  4. the video is older, the names if they are located
  5. Hi, little problem. liveries are black or strange connection of new and old livery. i have already tried to put the mod several times but without any success...
  6. do you a the link for the moaco day to night mod
  7. I'm seriously considering purchasing F1 2012 just for this mod. Can you race a full season with it?
  8. at the moment, no
  9. Thanks Konat.
  10. Hey, I'm working on a GP2 handling done:

    AI, sounds, liveries, drivers and calendar (done) mod.
    Do you want to work with me?
  11. You already did the above mentioned work or the sum of the 2?
    My version is f1 2012, still I have to do the skins of equipment, actual performance of GP2 cars and racing calendar (2 each). and minor details
  12. I can share you the performance of GP2 that I have finished ;) But I have to do an AI for it and I'm not very good with AIs. For the moment I used the v1tek mods for the skins, but it's not perfect. I have done also the 2012 calendar with the 2 races (and I can do 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013 too, not 2014 because of Sochi) but I think it's impossible to have the grid for the second Race ...
    So if you want, we can make this mod together, you on the skins and some details, and maybe AI if you know how to do, and I share the drivers, calendars and performances.

    If you are interested, I can give my Skype in PM.
  13. I am interested .. but I think we would have communication problems, because my English is based on the translator ... which is your native language?
  14. My native language is French, and I can't speak Spanish (I saw you are from Argentina).
    But no problem, I can understand you :D

    Check your Private Message ;)