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GP2 2012 Season Mod

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by v1tek, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]
    GP2 2012 mod for the game F1 2012
    -All GP2 Pilots as of 2012​
    -All GP2 cars as of 2012​
    Addax - 3d HRT​
    Arden - 3d HRT​
    Carlin - 3d Marussia​
    Caterham - 3d Caterham​
    DAMS- 3d HRT​
    iSPort - 3d HRT​
    Lotus GP - 3d HRT​
    Ocean Technology - 3d HRT​
    Racing Engineering - 3d HRT​
    Rapax - 3d HRT​
    Trident - 3d Marussia​
    Venezuela Gp - 3d HRT​
    -All GP2 helmets as of 2012​
    -Champions mode changed to mode the best GP2 racers​
    -Changed pre-season test pilots in the mode of youth tests (have their helmets)​
    -New AI​
    -Calendar 2012​
    -New photos of drivers in the menu​
    -New car in the menu​
    -New photos for menu​
    -All teams have a form and overalls​
    -Fixed team names​
    -Completely changed the localization (maybe a small mistake)​
    -Updated garages​
    -Changed indexes cars Statistics for all the drivers and teams​
    -Steering wheels for all teams​
    -Changed information about the leaders of teams, the location base​
    1. Database two versions to choose from:​
    - With the correct short names in the race (example: VET, ALO)​
    - With the correct picture when choosing a driver (in a quick race)​
    2. Some errors in the localization​
    3. Some of the pictures in a career​
    4. Video is not changed​
    Posting on forums, websites, trackers only with my resolution and showing all the authors!!!
    The authors of mod:​
    Assembly, AI, Garages, Coveralls, biographies, statistics, photos pilot and cars, Menu, Logos, Localization, Database as well as most helmets - v1tek
    All cars and helmets Berthon, Crestani, Garde, Haryanto, Melker, as well as video in the early game - MaicoV
    Creating files *. pssg - EgorMinin
    Help with database - AlexandrX1
    Helmet Gonzalez - TheDragon​
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. You better change the black color to white in GP2 logo.
  3. download link please
  4. V1tek forgot to mension that it is still WIP! It's almost finished but Will be released very soon! Release date Will remain a surprise though!

    This thread is Just a preview!
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  5. sounds good, hopefully will be great.
  6. PLEASE A LINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. w.i.p.
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  8. WIP, but i cant wait :roflmao: great job guys
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  9. The WIP screenies are incredible, looking forward to this.

    Is it possible with the F12012 engine to also tweak car performance to match GP2?
  10. i think is possible, with editing "database" file
  11. We will do what only we can!
    System DRS and KERS is not used in GP2? I know how to remove the Kers, but with DRS complicated.
    Still need to change the color of the icon when selecting teams.
  12. Sorry for the stupid question, but why are you using different 3D models for the cars? GP2 cars are all absolutely the same, aerodynamically spoken...

    Besides that, nice work, as far as the screenshots tell us :)
  13. I also insisted on identical race cars. Bolides did MaicoV. He decided to save time.
  14. I didn't decide to save time, I allready did some cars not thinking about the same car models..
    If i have time in the next couple of weeks, I will release updates, but for now i'll leave it like this!
  15. That's absolutely up to you, guys - I just wanted to ask :)
  16. when do you think is the mod released
  17. Do not know yet. Wait...
  18. i think you are right!!! neveraless this mod looks great, i really dont for the 3d model! :roflmao:
  19. Link, please! Thanks!
  20. this is a w.i.p