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WIP GP Park Circuit - WIP

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by Alex Kyriak, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. GP Park Circuit for rFactor, fictional, 7km, approx. 1m54 in F1.

    A long, fast circuit, with several quick, technical complexes leading into fast sections for setting up an overtake. All scenery and textures are to be replaced and/or added to.

    Working title, WIP track. Will add more videos as I develop. Mod used is FSOne 2009.

    GP Park.jpg
  2. Fantastic layout!
  3. That does look really good actualy. Good work :).
  4. Cheers guys. Have re-uploaded with a (hopefully) slightly better video quality at a higher resolution with a slightly different camera.

    .......also now including external cam sequence after the in-car camera lap at 2:21. Textures and models need alot of work :eek:

    GP Park.jpg
  5. Looks like a Abu Dhabi, Bahrain style track, quite high speed with some technical sections. Looks fantastic really does. You've inspried me to start a fresh new BTB project :p.
  6. Yeah was really keen to develop a track with the environmental feel of Bahrain, with a few hints of Abu Dhabi. I love the crispness of the Abu Dhabi circuit with its perfect lines and surfaces, but also love the desert-type atmosphere of Bahrain and the rolling undulations. Glad to have fired you up for another BTB project!