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  1. Franklin Stegink submitted a new resource:

    GP2 2005 - GP2

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  2. I don't see the GP2 logo in my showroom of AMS?

    In this mod I called the .srs and .tga file reiza26.
    Its in the Series folder.

    When you not see the logo of GP2 you must rename this files.

    When you open your series folder in Automobilista you see there are standing a lot of reiza files.
    Look at your latest number of it.

    When this is for example reiza23.srs and reiza23.tga than you must rename my files to reiza24.srs and reiza24.tga.
    Thats all.
  3. Why is an EXE file now?
  4. Install in your:
    Steam\SteamApps\common\Automobilista folder.
  5. Yeah, I know that, but why? It installed into Series and deleted the series file for another series I have as Reiza26.srs. Now I have to go redownload that mod to get it back. Perhaps the .srs should be numbered really high so we can change how we want... or perhaps go back to uploading things without the EXE, because that's going to wreck havoc. I have 30.srs, and with these EXE's, I'm going to have to renumber a bunch of .srs files so they don't get overwritten
  6. Oke thats a problem indeed.

    I shall upload them again without installer.
    Sorry m8.
  7. I read in the thread on the front page of the site: "Nice quality cars with great variety, this mod comes with the additional bonus of skin packs for the 2006, 2008, 09 & 10 seasons as well as the GP Historical version with a large selection of some of the best Formula One paint schemes from the late 1970's to recent times."
    May you tell more about the 1970's formula uno cars you are going to create ?