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Goodbye Ferrari

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by jacktorrance, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. Been a long time fan of F1, and particularly Ferrari, but todays resigning of Massa is the final nail in the coffin. Ferrari really has lost the plot. How can they sign up a guy that scored less than half of Alonsos points in the last 3 years?

    This, on top of the endless reorganisation, the continuing mistakes with correlation, windtunnel, their rolling over for FOTA, FIA rules, agreeing engine freeze and I have to conclude Ferrari are nothing like the legendary, ace engineering company they once were. And its been enough. Ill go support Red Bull from now on, or maybe even Mclaren. But Ferrari, today, is only a brand, not a racing team. Ciao.
  2. Thank you for providing comedy in the F1 section,
    It´s clear there´s very little understanding regarding pretty much everything on Ferrari.
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  3. After declaring Perez as to unexpirienced it is the only sensible thing to do imo.
    Massa is a good driver, he just needs a good car that fits him.
    I don't see any other option than maybe Kovalainen. Di Resta and Hülkenberg are as experinced as Perez, Sutil is imo not better than Massa.

    Massa has experience, works good with Fernando, knows the team like his own family.
    And who knows what Ferrari is planning for 2014. If Vettel is comming, then it would be pointless to take a new driver, who doesn't know the team.

    The only questionable thing for me ist, if Montezemolo is right with Perez or not. We will know the answer next year.
  4. Has Snookster got a 2nd account ? :laugh:
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  5. resigning? you words got me confused. Had to check F1 site for confirmation. you meant to say renewing. lol.
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  6. No, re-sign.;)

    All that was missing was an hyphen.

    Re-signing of Massa: he is a good pilot who had the bad luck of suffering an odd, almost fatal accident. It took him a long time to recover from that. But he has proven himself a good pilot, over and over.
  7. Massa is similar to Button. If the car doesn't fit him or his setup he can't really compete. Button also was nowhere (except Melbourne and China) till Germany because he couldn't find a setup.
    Also Massa had some bad luck in Valencia and Singapur where he really drove well.
  8. Hes had one podium in 2 years, and only because Alonso was out at the start. Massa has half the points a clear number two driver like Mark Webber has. He has half the points Button has, who had a horrible run of races mid season.

    Youd think thats good for Marussia, or Minardi, but Ferrari?

    Im sorry, its been enough. Ferrari, and especially Domenicali can fool their children but not me. Its over for me.
  9. ^^Two different driving styles, two different drivers. No comparison between Button and Massa.

    Massa has mostly been in the shadow of someone: Schumacher, Raikonnen, Villeneuve, Alonso. When there is one dominant pilot in a team it certainly isn't simple to produce good results.

    One thing I'd agree with. An "alien" like Ayrton Senna produced good results even when his car wasn't good enough. But if one looks at Vettel, Alonso (who is a terrific pilot), Button, Lewis Hamilton - not one of them is able to outgrow the weaknesses of the car.

    Which says a lot about Ayrton Senna.
  10. No it says alot about the different time periods.
  11. Well sure, but pre-2009 Massa was a capable driver. Now we have a guy who is so slow hes at half the points of Mark Webber. WHen you want a championship, you need a strong 2nd driver. Massa has showed the last 3 years he isnt that. Im sick and tired of all these blunders by Domenicali. I had a huge respect 10 years ago, but all that knowledge, is down the drain.
  12. Maybe, but if he is so slow why then does the team issue orders for him to slow down or let others pass him (Raikonnen and Alonso).
  13. Because he was slowing down Alonso. He held up Alonso at Malaysia and Melbourne 2010 for about 70 laps. IN the end, that contributed to Ferrari losing the title.

    Again: Ferrari management have no clue. The guys that investigated Lance Armstrong better check urine samples of Ferrari Management.
  14. Clearly it wasn't always that at all - only once, iirc. I do remember team orders for him but only to make sure he wouldn't catch the #1 driver or take points away from #1.

    Massa is not as talented as Alonso, but quite a jump from there to say he is slow. That's not what we have been seeing - and if people consider Ferrari don't have the best car at the moment, Massa's car is surely further behind.

    Some perspective there.

    Other than that, well, your opinion but not mine.
  15. I wasnt talking about points or driving styles, I was talking about what they need to be good.
  16. Stop wathcing F1 or start being a Rb/Mclaren whatever fan, but you are the one that has no clue
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  17. how many time did he have to let Alonso pass and there for miss the podium?
    I "love" Massa but i hate Ferrari, i wish he'd go to a team where he is accepted for what he is and not used as a 2nd hand driver!
  18. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    I didnt sign him for another season either. I think Massa did great in F1 years ago but apart from a few good races this season he hasn't come close to Alonso at all.

    I think there are better drivers in the Formula One paddock that could have taken the seat of Massa.

    Personally really do not understand why Heikki Kovalainen is still stuck at Caterham.
  19. Im anxiously waiting for your answer. :)
  20. Dunno why there is so much hate, fair enough Massa has been well under par for F1 in general since his accident, but if he keeps this performance up I think next year everyone will not be criticizing Ferrari's decision as much.

    I have always liked Massa so might be a bit biased but ohwell, hopefully he keeps improving and driving like he used to.
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