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Gold renault...

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by georget_th25, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. in career mode my renault looks gold but my teammates car its yellow... in grand prix and timetrail mode my renault looks fine... WHY??? how can i fix it????
    i dont know what happens with the other car... its very annoying.... help me...
  2. you are the chosen one
  3. axxaax i wish i wasnt...
  4. Lol
  5. It's not a Reanult, it's the secret bonuscar, a Jordan 196.

  6. lol

    Anyway I am guessing it's some mess up with car materials files. If you copy mclaren's materials file to the renault folder you do get a golden renault
  7. can anyone upload the original renault material to see if the problem can solved....
  8. why man it looks cool in gold
  9. i dont like it...
  10. your car is using the livery from livery main/textures high, whereas your team-mate is using the one from livery main/textures low, you'd have to make a copy your texture files at half resolution and then import it to the lower textures one.

    although i think it helps to make your car look unique and stand out, having your own custom color scheme! ;)
  11. ok i do lol