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Go kart mod?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Austin Jordan, Mar 12, 2010.

  1. I was looking throught the download mod page for the RACE series and there wasn't really a lot of popular mods to chose from (besides f1, v8, dtm, and porsch super cup). I was thinking about what would be a good, fun mod that people would enjoy. I thought go karts would give just that. Wondering if anyone would like that or possibly make it but i need to know if other people want it.
  2. I think there's a kart mod up at NoGrip.
  3. Yes but without some good physics and some real 3D modeling need to be done if someone wants me to drive that Honda 75cc car again.
  4. I know it does not help much for RaceOn, but for rF there is/are good go cart mod(s).
  5. just corrected it there for you m8 :wink:
  6. man what had we fun with the mod as Ramon was orgenizing some rf events with it
  7. Yeah well one: a lot of people are not a member of nogrip (including me so if someone can maybe put it on this site) and two: its only a 75cc kart. Thats a "kid kart" in america for ages 5-8. As long as there is one but hoping if theres a mod for a faster kart like a kf1 or rotax. Can anyone either put the 75cc kart on the rd page or make a faster kart used in rfactor. But first thing does anyone want that?
  8. Unfortunatly my friend friend if we want to drive go-kart simulators we have to buy rF (or rF2)
  9. looks like it unless we want to drive kid karts :) hehe sounds like an experience. I'll try that mod on nogrip and see how it is.
  10. I recoment to not turn so hard because the car will flip.
  11. well if your hardly going 40-50 mph might as well have fun and flip it :)
  12. I would really like a proper go kart mod. With some 2 stroke engines like Rotax Max, KF and KZ Engines