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Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Emilio, Dec 26, 2014.

  1. DTM 92 should be available today (Friday 26th) on R3E store and we should be able to at least get a hold of the cars before Saturday 27th comes.
    We've copy/pasted the scheduled event for the US (9PM CST, which still stands valid) in a time band suitable also for Euopean ppl. There's now an additional DTM 92 event planned at 8PM UTC to make it an absurd global multiplayer event.
    Asia, Africa, America, Europe, Oceania: if you can, just join us!! It's time to race!!
    Set the cell to airplane mode, close the cat out, grab your wheel, put your ear buds on and drink plenty of egg nut for stamina burst.
    Jump in the Global Chat Group of --ESR-- Steam Group (or get on Teamspeak if you prefer so) 15/30 min before to better coordinate for the event (especially since this time we don't know what kind of tracks will be available for this new category).
    This is gonna be awesome!
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  2. I'm in cannot wait.

    My mom sent me money for Christmas so i can buy whatever i want instead of sending something i won't use. So .... Guess what im getting ...
    10.000 Vrp !!! from http://www.raceroomstore.com/shop_en/vrp
    And the first thing i'm buying is Dtm 92 :laugh:

    I'm like a little kid. Tried to explain to my mom what she bought me but i don't thing she understood. :roflmao:
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  3. don't expect many from Oceania until they fix multiplayer high ping issue (it use to play so well even at high ping i dont know why they limited it to about 300)
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  4. The cars are in the store
  5. Purchased ' cost 999vrp , it was fun to have 5 digit worth of Vrp .. for a few hours it lasted.

    Wouhou !! ... but .. i got to go to bed :cry:
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  6. I'll be about later :thumbsup: Hope to catch some of you.
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  7. How was it? I was walking the beach, throwing Frisbee and boomerangs.
  8. I did a round online of my very first drive with the Mercedes , I caused two crash, I felt so bad, idiot taking it online on first try ....
    Did some single player and drive on the hillclimb , having a hard time deciding what model I like most , BMW so far is on. I need sometime on the mustang , Mercedes I just keep having to fight the car to not lose the tail.

    What's your favorite and why ( asking anyone )
  9. I have only driven the Audi and the Mustang. Liked them both. Haven't driven the others yet. Once I get in one of the cars and get on track it's really hard to stop driving...! Even to switch cars!

  10. Lol, I thought it was yesterday!
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  11. I have been using the Opel. No idea why :)
  12. ...and bloody heck today I have Internet issues... W THE F!!!:mad::mad::mad:
  13. uhhh ohhh, get the hammer and sickle out!!!
  14. How about this?...
    "Content Error 20103"
    That's what I've got. Got it bad, too. Got it all over.
  15. Sucks....I have horrid internet and it works decent for me...sorry
    I'd say let's go for Hockenheim for the event. From my understanding it's the one with less problems (connectivity).
  17. I was just able to get into a MP race with 22 other racers at Zandvoort! :) It was awesome! I drove the Mustang and blew out my transmission, LOL. Had to stop on lap 8. The sound was amazing! I could hear that the gearbox was a mess. Hilarious.:roflmao: Now I just have to learn how to drive or set up the clutch sensitivity.:confused:

    Anyway, my point was that I was able to get in that race. Don't go by me though, because I won't be around to join you guys today. But...if there are people having trouble getting in, you guys might want to try Zandvoort.

    FYI: Thrustmaster TX wheel, Fanatec CSP V2 pedals and TH8RS shifter in H pattern. Anyone using the CSP V2's that can help me set up the clutch for this sim?

    The physics in these cars is excellent. I have no complaints about the FFB, either. These cars work great. All around, this is the best experience in SIM racing! (IMHO)
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  18. ....thank you Atlantic Broadband for sabotaging my afternoon...:cry:
  19. Probably those dastardly North Koreans...
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  20. Oooops, so did I! That'll teach me for skimming over posts. :redface: