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glitch or not ?

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by THUNDERCHILD_1, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. how come playing velencia on ps3 i quallified pole on all three sessions in force india
    then quit to padock for interview agent tells me good work posting pole should give me
    good start in race but when i go to start race im in 21st position ?
    nothing changed on car to explain position drop had clean sessions ie no contact and didnt use
    flashbacks didnt skip any sessions either
    has anyone else had this happen?
  2. Seems odd.. Valencia has one of the easiest pit lanes to speed into that I have driven so far.. is it possible you were a little over coming in? Being in 21st would seem to indicate you were penalized 4 times.

    I am not saying you were speeding, but it seems most likely from how I have seen the game behave, so I am asking if you are sure you weren't.

    Even with a penalty the people in game (Engineer, Agent) react to the place your time put you, not the place the penalty put you. So it all seems to fit...
  3. having similair things. Qualified pole once but had 5 place grid drop, I did the same and went to the grid, to found out i start 5th. A simple math tells us this; 1+5=6, not 5, so why I started 5th is a big question for me.
  4. no pit lane speeding i had the limiter set to auto i cant work it out either even 10 place penalty but not 21st
    what would happen if i changed my race strategy as i changed it late in q3?
    the only other thing that hapened was i damaged my front wing about 2.1/2 mins before end of q3 and in pause
    menu i selected return to garage and when i did this q3 was then over!