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GizmoPower´s bot race

Discussion in 'Racer' started by GizmoPower, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. Closed
    See: GizmoPower´s hosting

    Gizmopower´s server
    Join thru multiplayer in Racer menu

    (You can also see status of race by dobbel clicking on the race in the lobby)

    25.02.2011 Closed

    Version: 0.8.31 CG
    Track: Carlswood_nt (Default in racer folder)
    Car: e30m3_race_v1.0
    Car.ini: Free to edit
    Bots: 1 boot
    Min players: 1
    Max players: 10

    And remember: When a race is running the server will not appear. You´ll have to be patient and wait!

    My site is still up hosting a few cars and tracks: http://home.broadpark.no/~gisljohn/
  2. Maybe ask some1 if you can use is Chevrolet Corvette C6? It's quite a nice car.
  3. Hmmm. Thats wierd. Lambomurcielago and astonmartin should work. You need one of theese car in order to join but I will add some more!
    Just tried from home and I connect fine.
  4. wow it works now, it was partly my foult, wrong fouldername for the car ;)
  5. I would like to encourage people to state what they mean about todays multiplayer. The server has been running for a couple of months or so now and there is very little action.
    I know it might not be the right time to ask but I just wanted to get a discussion going!
    I can clearly see that we need more option to change cars/tracks. Today one get very bored just running the lambo again and again.
    I´ve tried with more cars, but it always select the first car listed in the server.ini and to change car you have to rename/remove the other cars wich is not an option!
    Looks like this:

    So what do we need Ruud to look at to make Multiplayer rock?

    I believe the most important move for now would be that a client can select on of the cars listed in the server.

    I dont see any point running the server when no one plays. And I dont blame anyone, I find it a bit boring myself when everyone races the same car.

    Maybe I have misundertstood the options in the server.ini If so I´ll be more than happy to be informed! :D


    Edit: Default car is now: ´bmwm3gtrptg´ And 4 bots to race against if only 1 client play!
  6. Gizmo, I've never tried multiplayer before but I promise I'll try and get online one day soon. At the moment I'm doing mainly modelling, so just firing up Racer to see how stuff looks ingame - haven't actually rigged up the wheel and driven around for a long time now :)
  7. I played a lot when it still worked. However it seems like we got like 1 step forward and three backwards, see problem with car selection.

    I didn't really try the "new" multiplayer, partially also cause I am kinda angry that the old hosting options are gone (I do not want to be forced to open/ join some server by the lobby alone.

    If you just want to have a small race you could simply host game before - tell mates the ip and it was done. Now I have to hope there is no new hidden bug in the lobby. And I can't even choose a different car.
  8. I´m really sorry but the server has been down a while. Dont know if I will get it up again. Maybe in the future. The reason is couse I am in a middle of a divorce. Hope you all understand. I am currently on the move and need to settle. But I am really happy about it so no prob! ;) I´ll be back!!
  9. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Sorry to hear that Gizmo, oh well, good luck getting it back up soon!
  10. Gizmo: I'm surprised Fifty hasn't posted something here about Renault 5's, prostitutes and police officers as he did on my Capri thread on RSC..

    Divorce and happy are conflicting words though - seriously man, hope it works out for you.
  11. Patience.
    That Renualt 5 turbo, what was that, around 400 bhp from an engine the size of a coke can? **** only knows how they did that.

    Police officers are ****ing hypocrites, and I love them for it.

    Prostitutes? The night is young...
  12. Divorces? I've had a couple. They're ugly, but not usually as ugly as the **** you're getting free from.
  13. LOL Yeah fifty youre right about that one!! I´m very happy now!! Allready found me a new one......! It went fast! But she is a catch for sure.. mmmm.... He he.
  14. I'm still single after my last one, but I have a fun car, so I'm okay.

    I have no idea how to join your bot races. Can you give me a quick "idiots guide" please?
  15. It´s not running atm.... I have moved so... Maybe some day I´ll get it up again, dont know.
  16. So...
    As you may have noticed I am carefully making my way back here after a few "things" :D
    I was thinking of setting up the server again.

    But: Is there any point, will people use it?
    The server is running 24/7 anyway so hosting Racer wount matter for me.

    I might try and set it up, ,if I remember but, it wount be at is best before my new line arrives.
    I am getting fiber 25/25 soon, I hope.
    Currently its only 8/0.8mb :(

    So is it any point?

    Edit: First post will be updated when/if active: http://www.racedepartment.com/racer/28469-gizmopower-s-bot-race.html#post462087

  17. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    Hai dude,
    oh yes, please run your Bot again, it was a lot of fun!
    I tried a Bot too, but atm the PC is used by my son...so i can't run racer server....mybe in a week or so...
    My DSL is only 16/1,2...but i think it was good for 4-8 cars....
    How do you got your server running over a longer time?
    I had all time if a user disconect befor race end a crash....and all night...after the provider cut too.....is there a restart funktion, after a time out?
  18. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    I don't see it..