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Skins Ginetta G55 Century Motorsport 2016-09-22

Driver Tom Oliphant - Century Motorsport Team N°15

  1. jack.seller33


  2. Man, this skin is so cool, probably more than the actual car. I wonder, could you ever be so kind to make it also for another car? :giggle:
  3. jack.seller33


    everything depends on the car and work.
    Ginetta is a beautiful little car.
    The GT4 is nice too
  4. Well, my choice would be for the 488 GT3, but I wouldn't mind if you could make it for the R8 LMS, or the Merc C9, or the R1. If you are willing to, I'd suggest to choose one car from these which you find the easiest to work with. But if you wanna do them all, who am I to hold you? :D:D
  5. jack.seller33


    who am I to hold you?
    I believe more in Pére Christmas
    (I use google translation not top)
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2016
  6. Err... I don't think I get what you mean.... :cautious: