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Ghost car problem and starter activation

Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by svetter, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. I am using a ghost car on the "Schottenring". Racer stops the Ghost after exactly 10minutes. Driving the track with slow speed needs around 12minutes, so the ghost just stops on the street. Is it possible to extend the ghost car timelimit?

    The ghost restarts when the new lap starts. Is it possible to only let the ghost run in the first round?

    Another topic. The car I am currently using needs to be started at the beginning. Can I somehow activate that the car starts on its own? Couldnt find the entry yet.

  2. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    i'm not sure if it's possible to run a ghost car without driving a lap before...
    But if you have a recorded AI lap he should run so many laps like you want...you have to klick at quick race instead of free run...

    For the starter you can assign a button or key in the controls menue or you can edit the car.ini with editor or equal...find the line like this in the engine section:


    and change it to


    so the car engine run already at race start...

  3. Hi Alexander, thanks for that fast answer!

    I already recorded that ghostcar lap. I drove the complete lap, but the ghost automatically stops after 10minutes.. Then as soon as I pass the finish line, the ghost reappears again. I guess racer doesnt record more than 10minutes.Which is only critical at LONG tracks like the schottenring. Or is there a specific entry in the ini that I need to change?

    Is it possible to only run the ghost in the first lap and then prevent it from starting again?
  4. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    hmm....im not sure. but i can't try to reproduce it, because i'm at hospital atm...but if i'm back at home i take a look..

  5. Where you able to reproduce the problem?

    I am nearly done testing and will start analyzing my data soon, so it might come too late for me, but it might help with further testing. Thank you!
  6. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    sorry dude, i'm to day back at home, and my daughter and my wife are still there...so no i have not the time for the mom to look for..