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GFX anomalies

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Dave Millard, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. I upgraded my vid card to a MSI 4850. Fantastic performance increase over my 8800 at a third the price. Something I noticed last week in my FVR league race I saw a car that was missing things..like tires. We all use custom skins in this league so I wasn't too concerned.
    This week I had some other encounters with gfx anomalies, where cars were missing things... and then I saw this..


    Since I was just using the drivers that came with the card when I bought it, I decided I should update. I got the latest off the ati site and installed them... but am still seeing anomalies, like this.


    And even totally missing... Any IDEAS>?:messed: Card is on default settings and not hot or overclocked.

  2. Unfortunately that's the thing some of us get with rFactor sometimes with ATi & Nvidia cards. There's something in the game engine that has some kind of conflicts with the vendors driver's somewhere.

    But, does this happen in all mods?
    Can you try turning AA/AF of and see it happens.
    And does it only happen in rF?
  3. So far I have only seen it in 2 mods, FVR V8 and Enduracers Endurance.
  4. I have had that a few times in gtr evo unmodded with a geforce card and up todate drivers, not entirely sure whats causing it.
  5. I have a feeling it might have something to do with LOD settings withing the particular mod... as it doesn't show up on all mods. I remember when I first got Turismo Carretera, the cars would disappear when they reached a certain distance from you. I posted on the forums and recieved a response from 2pez saying that the reason it did that was in Argentina where the game is marketed, the general population doesn't have very high end PC's, and that was an easy way for them to get more FPS.
    He told me that I could edit the .gen files for each particular car (IE ford, chevy, dodge). which I did, and that took care of my problem in TC ...but I am unable to find the.gen files that are car specific in FVR. All I see are upgrade.gen files.