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Getting lap timer to start on track?

Discussion in 'Racer' started by m24tom, Jan 29, 2010.

  1. I've created a track with BTB. Exported it, used TrackEd to define the splines.

    I have defined two 'timelines' across the start/finish line of the track.

    But when I drive on the track, the lap timer does not start.

    In playing with the Carlswood track, the 'timelines' do not seem to be linked to the funcitoning of the lap timer. i.e. I replaced the carlswood timelines with two that have a position of (0,0,0) to (0,0,0) and the lap timer still works on Carlswood.

    So...what is the magic recipe to get the lap timer to start running?

  2. The S/F time line is made left to right looking in the direction the car is to go, only one line. Then make at least one time line somewhere on the track in the same way, left to right. Make a few grid and pit positions and locate at least one camera and click the save button. The saved info should be in your tracks special.ini file and the splines in a spline.ini file. Make sure you have a track.ini file and then it should work for you.

    You can also get my Blender track tutorial in the download thread where all this is explained in greater detail.
  3. I'd like to know how to set a point to point track timing, like a rally stage, so it doesn't start timing until you drive over the first marker, and then doesn't stop until you drive over another, but also doesn't cut the controls so you can come to a stop yourself?!

    Using quick start is kinda ok, but it's more setup for a lap race with other competitors, than a time trial where the timing of the start doesn't really matter, only the time over the course...



  4. I just followed this recipe (set two timelines left to right, one just past the start and one a way down the track, and still does not start the lap timer).

    In my experience, the timelines don't seem to affect the lap timer functionality. If I set the timelines in the carlswood track to x,y,z = 0,0,0 the timer still starts.

    What does the code say?
  5. The point to point is set in your tracks special.ini file.

    What version of Racer are you using? carlswood works ok, then look at the ,ini files on carlswood and compare them to your track.

    You may have found a bug in Bob's track maker.
  6. Figured this out.

    Timelines may have something to do with the lap timer, but they are not what starts it. The lap timer starts when the car crosses the plane defined by the first spline.

    To check this, remove the spline.ini file from Carlswood and you'll see that the lap timer does not start. If you set the Carlswood timelines to 0,0,0 the lap timer still starts.

    So I defined the splines on my track correctly. (now I understand how to do this, the directions on racer.nl are sort of obtuse...factually accurate, easily misunderstood) But on first try my car was still not starting the lap timer. Then I realized that the starting point of the car, was ahead of the first spline start. I wanted the first spline start to start at the starting line (duh) so I had to move the starting point of the car back on the track. After some fiddling, I realized the first point on the grid is what defines where in space the car starts. So I edited the special.ini file to move the first point of the grid to a point on the track just before the starting line. All is well.

    Hope this helps someone in the future.

    Bob's Track Builder is great. It would be better if it automatically defined the spline.ini file as well.