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Getting a contract from a top team

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by DELTAspartan, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. I'm driving for STR-Ferrari in my first year, dominating the WDC and single handedly leading the Constructors Championship. I've just gotten a contract offer from STR for year 2 and I'm favored by the mid field and the new teams, but I really want to move up to Red Bull Racing or Ferrari who haven't shown any interest.

    What do I have to do to get the top teams to offer me a contract?
  2. Depends on your reputation level, and the amount of seasons you have signed up for.

    Think for 3 season career you need lvl 25, and lvl 30 for 5 seasons. Not sure about 7 seasons (i'm doing this) but assume its probably lvl 35.
  3. I think there is a problem, because you are winning with STR they then become the Top Team, The game thinks the top team is offering you a place.

    To try this point out. Has anyone done well in a smaller team, but better than the objectives, but not won, would you then get a top team offer?
  4. I dont think this is true... I finished 5th overall with Virgin in my first year, and only teams below me offered a place. I chose BMW Sauber as my rep was high enough (lvl 16, req 15) who finished 7th. In fact all the teams below me offered me a seat at one point in the season or another...

    With the exception of Williams - because I needed lvl 21 to get noticed. I think you need to be within 3 lvls of a team's required level before they appear on you reputation radar/pie
  5. I've got an offer at Force India in my 2nd season after Sauber. I cant see why I wont move up to Red Bull or McLaren next season, although I've noticed that I'm expected top3 qual and race results at every race. Seems a tad harsh.
  6. Probably is...

    But getting contract offers depends on 2 things. Level Reputation and contract objectives...

    You can exceed all the contract objectives you want, if you are not the right rep lvl you wont get a look in.
  7. ive been playing my first season with lotus and have been doing okay am third in drivers chapionship and have just accepted an offer with force india for next year but my rep is over 25 i had to win the last two races in a row just to get an offer off them but rep is a big part of getting a new contract with better teams i wouldnt like to see how high my rep needs to be to get a job with McClaren or RBR or someone of high caliber
  8. I started out with Lotus for a 7 year career (legendary AI, no assists). In the first year i managed 2 second places at monza and spa, and in the full year 77 points, i ended in i believe 6th or 7th place. I was offered a new contract as first driver for Lotus, but i did not answer, at the end of the season Mercedes offered me a contract (when they asked me I had reputation 12).
  9. cool i want to get a drive with mercedes good car
  10. I can't figure out how to get into a new team. It never gave me the option to be any team but Lotus, HRT, or Virgin(7yr). My first season half-way through I accepted the contract for Virgin. Is that what's making me stick on their team for S2? Also, EVERY team that can offer me a contract says they were really unpleased with my comments to the press after every race, no matter what I say. And since I'm on podium I can't skip the questions. What gives? How do I make them like me?
  11. Yeah you have picked the team now you will have to be there for next season what was your rep when you accepted the offer
  12. I'm currently rep27. Ferrari offered me a contract after beating Alonso(Rival) in Singapore on my 2nd season. I didn't accept it until after the season and I still didn't get any offers(other than Ferrari, which I then took).
  13. Just pick the option on the right for every single question, they're always the positive ones.
  14. I haven't got that far into my career, but it is said on most forums that if you always answer the positive ones, then the other teams will assume you are happy where you are and not make any offers. Your current team will like you though :wink:
  15. not true i always pick the most positive answer and get offers from loads of teams mid season
  16. Started at Lotus(7yr), struggled at beginning but made a strong comeback mid season, was 2nd in WDC behind webber, found out to not always answer positively at some forum, i tried and got STR and Sauber interested, but i hold it( not to agree), when asked whos ur rival i chosed Schumacher, and if ques ask are u keeping ur options open? answer yes. When about 4 race left, finally got contract by Mercedes, 2nd driver (1st Schumacher), instantly agrees, thou lose the WDC (due to lotus's car) but now im in Mercedes!!
  17. mercedes nice i want to try get a position with them i like the mercedes cars currently driving with force india which is mercedes engine and it is a great car like it alot
  18. Hi guys... I'm with Williams, just 3 seasons, at 7th with 131 points and some wins... Rep 16, i'm at Suzuka right now, whta are my possibilities to drive a good car next year? My rival is Nico Rosberg at 8th place with 128 points
  19. Choose one of the drivers from one of the teams you want to drive for to be your Rival (happens in the interview if I remember where I did mine). I picked Alonso so that I could try and move up to Ferrari at rep level 21, instead of having to wait until 35+ for RBR or McLaren. I answered all the post-game "Interview" questions positively, but when asked about rumors of moving to another team, I always answered that I was very interested.

    After beating Alonso (my chosen Rival) in Japan, which incidentally, your rival will show up as a "blue dot" on the dot race course map, I walked in and my Agent had an "early offer" for me from Ferrari. First year lvl for Ferrari for my career was 21, but accepted a contract at 20. That's how it's worked for me so far. HTH!

    Matz ; }-~
  20. My level is 16, can a team with 18 or more offer me a contrat ?