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Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Ajibola Lawal, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. Fixed.
  2. Last corner exit kirb is dangerous in my opinion.If you put a wheel on the back edge of the kirb it spits you off into the wall on the left.Just thought i would bring this up as its only a real problem when following a car close and run slightly wide!
  3. true, and corner before 3rd sector, this corner should be fixed too(left side exit kirb)
  4. That turn where they usually cut heavily on exit just before s1 split line,they put a little barrier to stop cutting.Will that be put onto this track?
  5. Yep some of the exit curbs need some fixing for sure. Make them bigger and more easier to run on, like in real life in other words.
  6. The track was used like this in 2009 already, so you shouldn´t expect to many changes, as back then there wasn´t a problem with the track.
  7. 2009 mod was way different, 2009 mod was better over the curbs
  8. Whilst not expecting anything, just because back in 2009 there wasnt a problem this does not mean that there is not a problem with these curbs now.
    As i see it the curbs are fine if you do not hit them!!! as in my first post....I thinkthey only present a possible problem when following another car and run a littlewide onto the curb and drop a wheel off the back edge, this then cause's a trip to the barriers.
  9. +1!