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Mods Germany Lighting Overhaul 1.02

Realistic color lovers rejoice!

  1. GethemaAT submitted a new resource:

    Germany Lighting Overhaul - Realistic color lovers rejoice!

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  2. Oh!! Great great job! Looks fantastic! What about Monte?? :)
  3. Thanks :)

    I'll wait and see what the feedback for this one (Germany) will be like and then decide which location - if any - will be next. A modification like this requires a LOT of time and testing, and I've basically settled for Germany first because I felt it was in the most dire situation lighting-wise.
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  4. PS: A vid will be up shortly, currently uploading!
  5. thanks. awesome.:cool:
  6. I got a bug after installing this mod; basically, the ground is too dark. (btw i can't find the "route_x" folder in the "panzerplatte_rally_01" folder)
  7. same here...
  8. There is supposed to be no 'route_x' folder in this directory. As written in the readme, you have to copy and paste the content from the extracted route_x folder to the route_0-5 folders respectively.

    I'd have uploaded all files, but that would have exceeded the size limit for a file here on RD, thus you have to do this manually. And that's also the reason why I can't stress enough how important the readme is ;)

    If the bug with the dark ground (cover) persists after installing everything correctly please upload a screenie so that I can see what is wrong.
  9. here are some pics...

    setting was Sunny/Midday

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  10. Yeh, I tried copying the files from route_x folder from panzerplatte_rally_02 folder to all other route files I could find, but still no cigar.
    Also, I started another rally on a different stage with Lancia Stratos and it worked perfectly (also in sunny setting), however, I came back to this stage and the problem is still here. So I guess this bug doesn't occur at every stage.

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  11. Thanks, will look into it. What's the name of the stage please? Also, read comment below.

    Okay, that's interesting. A bug like this could occur if you copied the files from the 'route_x' folder within the 'panzerplatte_rally_01' to the route_0-5 folders of the 'panzerplatte_rally_02' directory or vice versa. That would also explain why it happens on some stages, which are then most likely part of the rally section with the wrong files, while on others it's working fine.

    Please, make sure you really copy the
    4 files from inside panzerplatte_rally_01\route_x only to panzerplatte_rally_01\route_0-5
    and the
    4 files from inside panzerplatte_rally_02\route_x only to panzerplatte_rally_02\route_0-5

    A ground texture as dark as those on the pics at least signals to me that it can be related to the circumstance that the game is trying to load the incorrect local and distant map terrain textures. If that's the case, a simple test would be to check how many stages are affected by the bug. If it's 6 (out of 12), than it's most likely this issue.

    Edit: Please ignore and read comment below!
    Last edited: Dec 11, 2015
  12. Sorry guys, just realized that I made a 'tiny' mistake while uploading 1.01, which also explains the bug that you are experiencing. The 'route_x' folder inside panzerplatte_rally_01 is missing, will upload a corrected archive in a minute!
  13. Well, here's the problem. I can't find the route_x folder in the panzerplatte_rally_01.

    EDIT: Nevermind, ignore all of that.
  14. Read above ;) Sorry again! Update will be available shortly!
  15. Haha, I saw that you replied as soon as I posted my reply. Sorry. :whistling:
  16. No need to be sorry :)
    File should be up now, please give it a go and let me know if it fixed it for you!
  17. I think in Midday is to many blue Color. Please toned that and u can and a little red in RGB.
  18. It's fixed now. Many thanks! :D

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