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Gentleman rule for cutting?

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by Andreas Hultgren, Oct 9, 2009.

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  1. Don't take me wrong, I am not accusing anyone for anything. The rules says that the game decides when cutting a corner is to much.

    But, in the Suzuka race many drivers were so far off the track in the chicane and I honestly think we need to do something. It looks terrible and is very unnecessary in my opinion and spoil the fun of it. It was impossible to keep up with laptimes, not that I am a quick driver...

    What do you all think of making a gentleman rule and stop the cutting? It is very simple, just don't do it. Who is with me on this one?
  2. It takes allot of time to police it and there's always something missed. Ideally you need to do something like FSR and check every driver's quali laps see if they cut or not ( they do it by getting guys to send their individual qualifying laps ) But it takes allot of time to review and give out penalties for this and does STC staff have the time to spend more hours reviewing?
  3. Agree with damian. The easiest way is to let the game deside. This way everyone is equal. It avoids unneeded discussions.

    It didn't look bad at the broadcast to me. Seen that cutting and more in real racing.
  4. I never said someone whould check it. If everyone just agree to stop cutting that would solve everything. It is really, really simple.
  5. yea I agree with Damian and Tom, it would be too much effort to police cutting. The game has its limits and if you push close to them you have the risk of getting warnings, if you risk to much your introuble...over 90 mins you have to be conservative with what you risk so I think it works as intended.

    But like Tom says you see that and more in real racing.

    Personally I cut what I can get away with, go by the STC rules that the game decides. I work hard to know what I can get away with, in quali I will risk more perhaps as its just one lap, but in race I try to stay well within the boundarys, but still try to cut if possible. does that make me not a gentlemen? I dont think so I'm just racing to find advantage within the rules, as should everyone else.
  6. But what about this scenario then:

    If the driver behind is making a pass on the driver infront and cuts. Do you think that is correct if the driver infront is keeping it on the track surface?

    I think not.
  7. but thats a different issue,

    Has he cut and got a warning? or just cut within the boudarys of what the game alows?
  8. if he cuts and has a warning, well then I would agree, as in real racing if you gain advantage from a cut that that warents a penalty then its unfair and you should give the place back
  9. if the driver cutting gets a warning then yes it isn't correct. That is easily checked in the logs.
  10. But with the most add on tracks the cut warning isn't very good. I tried in practice to cut the last chicane and i didn't got any warning even when i was with four wheels outside the with line. :)
  11. Just to agree not to cut isn't enough, you need a limit as that every driver will try to find. Then you need rules like 2 tyres inside the white line or something like that. And then it starts to get difficult as someone needs to check. Some track don't have no lines or have no grass and the bounderies are vague. Like hockenheim for example. Then you need extra rules track specific.
  12. So cutting and passing without a warning is ok?

    That was not my point. Never said so. A gentleman agreement by not cutting does not mean cutting makes you less of a gentleman as it is now with the current rules. You are just following them as everyone else.

    I have no idea how to say it in another way. My knowleigh of the english language ends there unfortunatly.
  13. practice is slightly relaxed though isnt it? yes you could make a fairly big cut but it was too hard to gain much advantage from it, and very easy to overdo it. Really it didnt give as much advantage as you think, I try in practice just for fun to straight line it (not even braking) and see what difference it made, and it didnt make much time difference at all.
  14. Why not? It is as simple as that. Everyone agrees to drive within these limits and it is solved. Period.
  15. but not everyone agrees its a problem, and then you do have to police it because someone might think it was a fair cut and someone else might think it wasnt. then we have lots of debates, everyone falls out and we hate each other :(
  16. I was a second quicker when I cut the chicane with all 4 wheels in practice so it does make a difference.
  17. It was mentioned before. I would take a "gentleman" thing out of the rules as it it to vague. And just mention that the game desides the cutting or not. If a track goes to far then don't use it or put and extra rule up for that track.
  18. but did the game say you cut?
  19. this is just one of those debates, personally i think its fine. I'm not gonna go on debating it its all opinion, I will race to whatever rules there are. But a gentlemens agreement is not workable as eventually there will be discussion and arguments and we all fall out over it.
  20. Lol Andreas, you need something to agree about. What is cutting ? 4 wheels outside, 3 wheels outside ? Curbs is that the track or not ?
    Read many rules about this and they where all different.
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